Ep 32 – Office Ergonomics with Dr. Scott Schuck

Sometimes work can literally be a pain in the neck, back, hip…This year I’ve focused on living a more healthy lifestyle after learning that I had two pinched nerves that were becoming more problematic and painful by the day. I’m not alone in problems like these. Fifty percent of Americans admit to having some back pain that can cost $50 billion annually. 

Episode 32: Office Ergonomics with Dr. Scott Schuck

On this episode of the Workology Podcast we talk with chiropractor, Dr. Scott Schuck. Dr. Schuck is a personal friend who also happens to be my chiropractor helping me on my personal fitness and health journey. Click here to read about the journey on my personal blog.

Back, neck and other spine related injuries can cause health and impact employee productivity. It is extremely costly. In fact, the BLS reports that there were 387,820 MSD cases (short for musculoskeletal disorders) in the workplace. For some perspective, MSD accounts for 33% of all workplace injuries.

Dr. Schuck breaks down what ergonomics is and the different way it impacts employees at your workplace beyond just medical expenses, workers’ compensation, lost work time and productivity. He provides suggestions and insights into how you can improve your own workspace and the ergonomics of your team members, peers and company.

Healthy Posture Leads to Happy & Healthy Employees

The commitment to being focused on healthy posture and a back friendly and body friendly work environment is a lofty one. It’s something I can attest to as I’ve been personally visiting Dr. Schuck for the last 3 1/2 months, doing machine pilates and focusing on improved posture and better habits. I’m happy to report that I am seeing huge improvements, but it’s been a commitment that is driving personal transformational change. You can connect with Dr. Schuck by visiting his website. The podcast has a lot of great personal and workplace ergonomics information that you can put to use immediately.



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