Ep 20 – Recruiting Tactics in an Awesome Economy with Will Thomson

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Most of us are likely experiencing a frenzy of hiring and interviews right now. It’s a good time to be a recruiter or in the business of talent in 2015. The number of jobs created in 2014 are levels we have not experienced since 1999. Recruiters these days are extremely in demand. However, we are also experiencing a number of challenges or what I like to call obstacles in recruiting because of the increased demand for our expertise. A great recruiter with polished skill and tactics can really stand out. That’s what this episode of the Workology Podcast is all about.

Episode 20 – Recruiting Tactics with Will Thomson (@willrecruits)

My guest on today’s podcast is Will Thomson. He’s a global sales recruiter for Rosetta Stone. He’s in the trenches doing it all. He’s researching, sourcing, interviewing, hiring and onboarding candidates from literally all over the world. I love his approach and perspective and you will too. It’s fresh and worth a listen, trust me.

Will shares with us how he manages the hiring manager and his secrets to building a relationship with them. His focus on relationships while isn’t unique is really who Will is down to his core. He talks about how a recruiter intake form is critical in making sure that a recruiter establish not just a relationship but also manages and sets expectations with the hiring manager. A recruiter’s role is responsible for managing multiple expectations from hiring manager to multiple candidates for each requisition they are hiring. Will explains the tactics behind his recruiting success. Some of them might surprise you.

LinkedIn seems to be every recruiter’s go to move, but is it the best strategy with everyone fishing in the same pond? Will sets me straight on LinkedIn and talks about the meeting and networking site, Meetup.com is a hidden treasure trove of candidates. We also talk about how to increase your InMail response and open rates. You can connect with Will Thomson on LinkedIn.



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  1. Patrick says

    Awesome economy? We have millions more working low wage part-time jobs rather than the full time jobs they would like. The labor force participation rate is at historic lows. The reality is the economy is not awesome and the unemployment rate is highly flawed.


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