New to HR? Ways to Help Improve Turnover

new to hr? here are 5 ways to reduce your turnover rate

The end of the year is coming, which means soon we’ll be knee deep in turnover reports. They can be as grueling as open enrollment, but instead of having employees ignoring time frames, you have managers refusing to turn in termination slips.

Ways to Help Improve Turnover

Even though turnover can be difficult, it also provides you with a great amount of information regarding your employees and company overall. Looking at the report of how many employees your establishment has lost in a year (or 6-months) can be extremely humbling. Turnover happens for a number of reasons, some preventable some not.

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Turnover is a forever action, but what can we do to ensure people aren’t leaving for the wrong reasons, ad help lower the number of employees leaving overall?

Stop Denying It

If you, or your company, believes that turnover is another function that “just happens” or that it can’t be prevented, it’s no wonder you’re losing employees. Facing the truth head-on will get the company ahead of the problem and help find better solutions. It’s also possible your employees are willing to discuss the problems with you, but you haven’t taken the time to listen.

Check Out the Competition

Are you losing your employees to competitors because of the pay and benefits the company is offering? Look into what you’re currently offering the employees – are the benefits meeting the needs of your employees or is the company satisfied because of the price? Check out what the competition is offering in your area and what is attracting candidates to their front door.

Talk to Them

Completely wild, I know! Exit interviews should be more common in the workplace, but don’t let it get that far. Talk to your employees before they finally clock out and never come back. Their reason for leaving might be something your company has been looking into changing, so you can offer them a time frame for some reassurance. What if they’re contemplating leaving because there is no path for growth from their position? Are there other qualities and skills they have that could be transferable to another department? Nobody wants to feel stuck in the same position, not even you.

Start with the Right People

Hiring someone just to fill a position doesn’t work. Even if they’re not meant to stay at your company forever, you still know what skills they bring to the table. Make sure you’re hiring candidates who fit the culture your company has created, candidates that would get along well with the team the company already has in place.

Encourage Your People AND Their Skills

Yes, employees need to get something out of working for your company, and to keep them, there needs to be more than a paycheck. Help them build the skills necessary for being great – don’t allow them to just stagnate. Even if your employee wants to remain a cashier until they retire, provide them with the skills necessary to be the absolute best cashier your team has.

There bad reasons for employees to leave your company but also lots of good ones. Maybe they started college, or finally graduated and got their dream job. Maybe it is just time for them to move on. You won’t win them all, but you’ll win more of them by making sure that as a company, your team has taken every possible step to reduce turnover.

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  1. Ryan says

    We’ve reduced our turnover of staff quite a bit, since we started introducing personality questionnaires into our interviews. The quality of candidate has been much higher than previously, which I believe, has helped us with retention


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