New to HR? Ways to Help Improve Turnover

new to hr? here are 5 ways to reduce your turnover rate

We’ll soon be drowning in turnover reports as the end of the year approaches. They can be just as difficult as open enrollment, but rather than workers disobeying deadlines, you have managers failing to submit termination slips.

Ways to Help Improve Turnover

Even though turnover can be challenging, it also offers you a wealth of knowledge about your staff and business as a whole. It can be very demoralizing to get the report of how many employees your business has lost over the past year (or six months). A variety of factors, some of which are preventable, contribute to turnover.

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Turnover is a forever action, but what can we do to ensure people aren’t leaving for the wrong reasons, ad help lower the number of employees leaving overall?

Stop Denying It

You shouldn’t be surprised to lose personnel if you or your business thinks that turnover is another process that “simply happens” or can’t be stopped. Being truthful will put the business in front of the issue and aid in better solution development. It’s also possible that you haven’t given your staff a chance to talk to you about the issues despite their willingness.

Check Out the Competition

Are the compensation and benefits provided by the business causing you to lose staff to rivals? Examine the advantages you are already providing for your staff. Do they suit their demands, or is the firm happy with the price? Examine what the rivals in your area are promoting and what is drawing candidates to their front doors.

Talk to Them

Unbelievable, I know! Exit interviews ought to happen more frequently at work, but don’t let it go that far. Before your staff eventually clock out and leave the building, speak with them. Your firm may be looking into modifying their reason for leaving, so you may reassure them by giving them a time range. What if they are thinking about leaving because their position does not offer them room for advancement? Are there any additional traits or abilities they possess that might be useful in another department? Nobody, not even you, wants to feel stuck in the same place.

Start with the Right People

It doesn’t work to hire someone only to fill a position. Even if they aren’t intended to work for your company permanently, you are aware of the skills they bring. Make sure the candidates you hire will fit into the culture your business has established and get along well with the team it already has.

Encourage Your People AND Their Skills

Yes, employees must benefit from working for your business, and there must be more to keeping them than just a paycheck. Don’t let them just stand still; instead, assist them in developing the talents required to be great. Give your employee the training they need to be the best cashier on your team, even if they intend to work as a cashier until they retire.

While there are many positive reasons for employees to leave your organization, there are also many terrible ones. Perhaps they enrolled in college or eventually graduated and landed their ideal position. They might simply need to move on at this point. Even while you can’t win them all, you can increase your chances of doing so by ensuring that your team has done everything within its power to decrease turnover.

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  1. Ryan says

    We’ve reduced our turnover of staff quite a bit, since we started introducing personality questionnaires into our interviews. The quality of candidate has been much higher than previously, which I believe, has helped us with retention


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