New to HR? How to Close Your Office Door

new to hr? how and when to close your door

Yes, it is possible. HR should have an “Open Door Policy” throughout the entire company, so that employees never fear your office. At the same time, HR does have times when we need to close that door, even if it’s to simply be alone for five minutes.

New to HR? How to Close Your Office Door


If you’ve been in HR for a while or new to the game, you know there a lot that comes with the role of HR. Always a new report or system in place, a new complaint, benefits that need to be decided on, a party that needs to be planned – and these things can’t all be pushed into the “bad” category. HR is a career for the strong; we can’t hide behind the desk. But-

Here are few reasons and ways to close your office door:

The Plan

After finishing a big job or an investigation, closing your door can help you get your thoughts together and determine what the next five moves are. It’s important to sit down and process everything you’ve just done. This is the quick door close, you don’t need to tell anyone, you just get up and close the door. Taking time for yourself is just as important as helping an employee get through a problem.

Going Online

No, not to play games. Being able to grow your network is all about connecting the right way and not just when you want or need something. Social media has grown significantly over the last few years. With sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, finding a group of people who are going through or have experienced the things you’re going through, makes it a little easier to figure it out. If you’re in HR, join in on different chats like #Nextchat, #HRSocialHour, or #JobHuntChat. There plenty of ways to get connected with people in your field. Take thirty minutes to an hour to commit to interacting with social media and it will help your job too.

A Moment of Encouragement

Sometimes you’re having a difficult day and need someone to talk with. Maybe there is another HR person in your office you can talk to or maybe it’s a phone call you receive. Taking a moment to yourself to be encouraged or to encourage someone else can help make your day better. When you receive that unexpected call from someone who was thinking of you and wanted to check in and come exactly on time. If you receive that call or need to give one, close your door for a few moments, and get encouraged.

Closing your door shouldn’t be something that is frowned upon, we all need a moment to ourselves. What matters is that your employees know they can come to you if they have a problem and that you’re willing to come to them as well. Don’t be ashamed to close that office door every once in a while and stop putting so much of our work on the position of a door.

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  1. Beth says

    Yes! Sometimes more work gets done by collaborating online rather than face-to-face. Do you recommend using an ATS and putting notifications on? I think that would be a good idea, so you can work with the whole team and stay connected. Recruitee allows this:

    Also, thanks for the Twitter chat recommendations! Keep ’em coming! 🙂


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