New to HR? Exploring the Office Rules

new to hr? Get to know the office rules

Being new to the professional world and having your own office is one of the most exciting feelings ever! At least for me it was. I had finally found my HR position in an amazing company and was ready to move in, decorate and dominate! As a young professional, you might not have experienced what it’s like to be in an office environment. Being around the same executives every day for 8 hours, learning their behaviors, and becoming a part of the team isn’t an easy task. Especially on top of learning the position and role, you will play for all your employees.

Exploring the Office Rules

Here a few tips for getting office ready:

Be Confident

This is the first rule to entering a new office. Depending on your organization, there will be plenty of people in the office. Make sure you always stay true to the person you are, this is one of the main reasons you were chosen during your interview. Changing who you are isn’t going to help adapt to having a new member of the team.

Keep Your Door Open

Not only because HR should always have an open door policy, but because it shows that you’re open to having the team come in and get to know you. I put out a candy jar on my desk for the first few weeks of being hired to my position because no one can really turn down chocolate. People want to get to know you. How much you tell them is up to your discretion, but give them the ability to make the move.

Accept Lunch Invites

I get it, you’re saving money and brought your own lunch to work. If you can’t afford to go out, try eating with others, this is another way to help people get to know you. Don’t turn down the opportunity, the work will still be at your desk.

Decorate Your Office

This may seem like “young professional” type of advice, but HR hears and sees a lot of things throughout their day, and not all of it is good. Having personal items, certain colors, toys, coloring books, puzzles, anything that helps you relax can make a big difference. We can’t always escape to that island with nice waters and colorful drinks, so bring the things that remind you of it to you.

Hidden Treasure

We all have those mornings, we rush out of the house and forget something, hair ties, deodorant, a snack or lunch, lipstick, lotion, personal hygiene options. Have a drawer set aside to have an extra of all items you may use on a daily basis, but are also often forgotten at home. That way you’re not running out of the office first thing or running late trying to go to the closest convenience store.

Being the office newbie can bring all of your emotions to the front and raise anxiety levels. Remember to speak to your boss or superior about these emotions. Everyone was of the office newbie at some point in their career, don’t think of this as telling your boss you can’t handle the job. In order for us to be some of the best HR Pros possible, we have to be able to speak out, and you always need to protect yourself.

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