My Life as a Professional Working Mom

Tips to Prepare for an Interview

As I head into week of two of my new professional life as a working mom, I am humbled by the others who have come before me.Over the last two weeks, I’ve learned some life lessons in time management, delegation, and relaxation.It’s not easy to find a balance but what keeps me going throughout the day is that smiling face to come home to.

This new responsibility is something that should not be taken lightly. Parents, who are contemplating entering the workforce after the birth or adoption of a child can use these life experiences and responsibilities to their advantage when marketing themselves to prospective employers.

My Life as a Professional Working Mom

Consider these skills when prepping for an interview and preparing your marketing materials:

  • Multi-tasking. This morning while breastfeeding, checking email, and preparing my toastmaster’s speech I came to the conclusion that in just twenty minutes I had accomplished more than what most people do in a half day.Job seekers can use their project and task management skills to their advantage.Make a point to include this special skill on your resume.
  • Manager.Whether it’s managing your family’s finances or your council’s Girl Scout cookie sales, managing and motivating others is great skill highly sought after.Use these experiences to your advantage and come to the interview with prepared explanations and examples.
  • Flexibility. All parents especially single parent households have to learn to go with the flow or be left behind.When the hiring manager questions your ability to adapt to changing environments or situations, confidently and without hesitation provide an example from your long laundry list.
  • Coach. Providing your child with honest and positive guidance and reinforcement while allowing them to grow and develop is another highly sought after management skill that can transition well to the professional world.As a manager or a parent we want our team to learn from their mistakes both good and bad.
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