Must Have Twitter Lists for Recruiters (and Hiring Managers!)

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If you haven’t unlocked the power of Twitter lists, you are missing out on a powerful resource to help achieve your recruitment goals. You don’t have to be a Twitter expert to get value out of these organized collections of Twitter handles.

Twitter feeds are full of noise and missing important tweets happens all the time. Creating these lists will help you organize your feed and maximize the potential of the platform. Lists don’t take long to build and the benefits will be obvious right away.

You can start today and reap the benefits even if you have a brand new account and have not sent a single tweet.

Must Have Twitter Lists for Recruiters & Hiring Managers

For instructions on adding people to Twitter lists, click here.

1. Your Recruitment Team and Hiring Managers

We all know that sharing is caring! Support your colleagues by retweeting and sharing their content. If everyone on your team supports each other, the reach of your employer brand will increase exponentially.

2. Employees

This list should include all employees and corporate handles to keep up with what’s happening at your company. Sharing employee generated content is a great way to your support and encourage advocacy. Employees can be a fantastic asset to your recruitment efforts. You will miss those tweets in your stream if you simply follow your brand advocates without adding them to a list.

3. Local Colleges

If your team is focusing on university or new graduate recruitment, stay up to date with what is happening at local colleges. This list will ensure that you never miss a career fair or event that your team can sponsor or attend. Sharing their events will also remind them that you are hiring and keep your brand top of mind.

4. Recruitment Events

Most conferences have their own Twitter handle. Add those as well as the people you met to this list. I suggest you do this at the event or that night before you lose their business card. This is a great way to keep in touch with people you meet at events.

5. Get Attention Lists

Find the perfect candidate but not getting a response to your efforts to reach out? Try getting their attention by creating a list with a clever name such as “Best JavaScript Developers- USA.” They will get a notification from Twitter that you have added them to this list and may appreciate your unusual efforts to engage them.

The following lists should be created as private lists which are only accessible by you.

6. Recruiters of Competing Companies

Learn more about your competitor’s current hiring needs without publically following them. You can often see who they are targeting and engaging with as well. Use this competitive intelligence to get a leg up on the competition.

7. Active Candidates

Remember the applicant who was a close second for your software developer job? Keep up with their activity and never miss a chance to engage with them. This list needs to be private for two reasons. Firstly, you don’t want to spill the beans to their current employer that they are on the job market. Secondly, it’s important to avoid letting your competitors you’re interesting and having to watch them scoop your candidates up.

8. Passive Candidates

This list includes people you’ve sourced on any platform and found to be a possible fit for your company. You can learn valuable insights into their work and personal life that will help you reach out to them in a way that gets a response. Bulk generic emails don’t work for most candidates, especially technical talent. “I’ve seen your profile and I think you would be a great fit for our XXX role.” Delete. Use the information you learn from their tweets to create a meaningful connection with them before you drop the job description bomb. This list can also include people that were a great fit but not ready to make a move now. Engage with them regularly so they will reach out to you when they are ready.

Crunched for time?

You can also subscribe to lists that others have taken the time to curate. Check out what content corporate recruiting handles are putting out on Twitter in this great list by @thisislars

Now what?!

Use free tools like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to view these lists all at once. Check them once or twice a day to stay up to date and ensure that you never miss something important. Once you see how organized your Twitter feed can be, you will never go back to the busy overwhelming Twitter home page.

Audra Knight

Audra Knight is a Recruitment Marketing Strategist at Tenable Network Security and co-host of The #SocialRecruiting Show. When not sharing all things employment branding, she is a bassist in a rock band.

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