4 Ways Mobile Has Forever Changed Your Recruiting Strategy

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking and attending SuccessFactor’s Success Connect conference where I had the opportunity to discuss the hottest trends in recruiting. The slides to this presentation are embedded below or can be access by clicking here. Mobile was one of the five trends I discussed. In my opinion it is among the most important of the five I discussed. Mobile is no longer a trend. It is a business necessity. Apple’s 24 hour preorder sales this week for the iPhone 6 topped 4 million. This is more than just a good indication of how important mobile is to lives and well-being. It demonstrates how mobile has shifted our lives fundamentally. Mobile is everything.

Mobile is Recruiting Trends Numero Uno

As I prepared for my recruiting trends presentation in Las Vegas, I made a quick trick to the restroom mostly to calm my nerves. I left my laptop, my mifi, my purse, my credit cards and ID all stored in a large pink bag just behind the podium where I was speaking. I brought my mobile phone and my Google Glass (which I was wearing on my face) to the restroom with me. Mobile plays such an important part in our lives that we leave our wallets, credit cards and ID at the restaurant table and bring our phones.

As I began my presentation to standing room only, I am aware that many of the recruiters and HR professionals in the room are overwhelmed with the technology and tools in order to do their jobs effectively. Mobile is the catalyst for all recent technology changes in our world since the creation of the iPhone in June of 2007. Mobile is the single most important change in the world of recruiting and hiring since the invention of the internet. This is important to remember as you are creating, changing and planning your recruiting and hiring strategies for 2015. 

  • Recruiting is Mobile. Recruiting is mobile because our audience has access completely on the go. Mobile has driven increases in social networks and changed how you build a website. While apps are fun and I am looking at creating one for Blogging4Jobs, mobile rendering of your website to accommodate multiple devices beyond just the iPhone is what your priority should be in recruiting.
  • Conversations are More Fluid and the expectation is that they should happen immediately. Ninety-nine percent of text messages are read and received within 90 seconds. The expectation has been set because of mobile that we, as in individuals and consumers expect responses immediately. Your candidates and job seekers expectations are the same and yet only 50% of job seekers receive any kind of communication from a company once they apply for a job opening.
  • 140 Characters is Your New Job Posting. Due to our smaller mobile screens, we absorb content in smaller doses like tweets, texts, memes and subject lines of the emails you have received. In order for job listings, postings and announcements to be effective, you have 140 characters to opt your candidate into applying. This goes for websites too which is why having a mobile rendered and optimized site is so important. Your mobile career site must be appealing and interesting to the eye just like your consumer product site while also being focused on getting the job seekers to the right information quickly so that it leads to them applying.
  • Mobile is an Information Gathering Activity. Applying for a job opening on a mobile site is possible but it’s still filled with smallish boxes and thumb typing. Recently I made an online purchase from one of my favorite stores, WorldMarket using my mobile device. I messed up the zip code and my purchase was way delayed. It was mailed to another state. Indeed.com’s most recent research tells us that 50% of job seeking is happening using a mobile device. Unless you have a mobile ATS or apply site, the mobile job search is still research focused and that research is happening during work hours. Time Warner reports the peak times for mobile visitors on their careers site were 10-4 PM Monday-Thursday. If a company aims to reach top performing passive job seekers, they need to optimize their websites for mobile to allow for mobile research done covertly.

Mobile, mobile, mobile. It is the way in which we work, live and engage those we know personally and professionally. As recruiters, we have come along way. We’ve adopted and embraced social recruiting and employment branding activities like tweeting and instagraming our job opportunities. In order to win the talent war, we have to think bigger and dig deeper immersing ourselves into what the job search is like for our candidate to truly understand the importance and role of mobile for the audience and attention we are trying to seek.

Yes, mobile is the root of all future strategies you are planning for recruiting, onboarding and hiring.


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Jessica Miller-Merrell

Jessica Miller-Merrell (@jmillermerrell) is a workplace change agent, author and consultant focused on human resources and talent acquisition living in Austin, TX. Recognized by Forbes as a top 50 social media influencer and is a global speaker. She’s the founder of Workology, a workplace HR resource and host of the Workology Podcast.

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