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Mother’s Day came and went as did a day of me being frustrated because my daughter spent more time on my iPhone and iPad than with me or even her own toys. It is crazy to think that my soon to be seven year old will never know a life without a mobile device, a life without being connected, a life without Siri. And even more absurd, is that if I need to get a hold of my sixty-six year old mother (sorry mom for giving away your age) I need to text her before calling.

We live in a mobile world. A mobile business world. A mobile recruitment world. Our lives are mobile and there is no turning back.

What does this mean to our way of communicating? Well, it means we are no longer living in a world of black and white, a time when life lessons were learned via “Leave it to Beaver.” Our lives are social, our networks are filled with individuals we only know via LinkedIn and most of us would be lost without our phone.  We live, sleep, and breathe with a phone in our hand, by our side, or tucked under our pillow.  Kind of sad isn’t it? Regardless of how you feel about this new way of life, there is no changing it. This is how we live and how we work, leaving us no choice but to conform. Assuming we want to be active members of society.

Go with the flow. Adapt and build business processes that make sense.

Do you have your BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy in place? Shame on you if not. Regardless if you provide a company device to every employee I guarantee you they are going to be responding to something work related either after hours or from their own personal device.

For once, conform. Adapt and build recruitment strategies that make sense.

Do you have a strategy that lives beyond your ATS and 10 year old job description? With the number of technologies out there that make it easier to attract, engage and actually screen a candidate via their mobile device you are living in the dark ages. What does this say about your organization? Let me answer that for you. It kind of says look at my shiny new kitchen without a dishwasher.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Adapt and build employee engagement programs that make sense.

You live in Kansas but half of your employees live in Georgia. How do you keep them engaged, informed? Do you really think an email is going to get their attention when a natural disaster is coming? Uh, no – not even in all caps! They have 100 other emails that have come in that are all important. You should be texting them. Talk about grabbing their attention. Look at how states are adopting to 911 texting, there is a reason and it makes sense.

Just as a VHS tape or that floppy disk (yes, I had a hard time parting with this one) is something we all laugh about. Times have changed and are going to continue to change.  We evolve, grow smarter and rely more on technology. Going mobile isn’t risky. In fact, not going mobile is the biggest risk. You risk not surviving as a company, a department or a professional.

Mobile isn’t going anywhere. Deal with it.

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Bridget Webb

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