Manner Monday: Significant-Others and Holiday parties

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In my last post, I talked about Holiday Parties and Remembering Names.  Keeping with the Holiday Party theme, you may be interested in a recent Podcast Jessica hosted where we talked about How to Not Get Fired At Your Holiday Party.  As silly as it sounds, some really smart and normal people make bad choices after having too many adult beverages at the company party (yes, I’m looking in a mirror now as I write this) and, well… you know the rest of the story. I think we all have a story we could share, and some of those stories may hit a little close to home.  If so, it may be worth throwing yourself under the proverbial bus to share that story with a junior colleague who you may be mentoring, to hopefully keep him or her from doing the same thing.

Significant-Others and Holiday parties

Oftentimes, you’re invited to bring a significant-other along as your guest to the company party.  If you do choose to bring someone with you, remember your guest is a direct reflection of you.  Are they going to drink too much and create an awkward situation, are they going to be jealous that you’re talking to colleagues and not focusing all of your attention on him or her.  If so, you might want to hit the party solo and schedule another date with your new friend where the two of you can spend time together without the added pressure of a company party.

If you do bring someone with you, don’t forget about him or her once you get there.  And try to put yourself in their shoes – we’ve all been there: going to someplace new, meeting new people and not knowing what to expect. It’s a bit unnerving. No matter our age, no matter our situation, if we don’t know what to anticipate, I think most of us can admit; we feel a bit uneasy.

I was reminded of this recently when we were headed someplace new with our 8 year old son. He had a million questions as we were driving: curious is an understatement. So we chatted about where we were headed, we did our best to answer his questions and give him as much insight as possible. Helping him to imagine where we were going and what was going to be expected of him as far as behavior, who was going to be there, etc.

As we head out this holiday season to celebrations, dinners and office parties – don’t forget to take a few minutes to have dialogue with our significant other (or date) and fill them in a bit. Give them an idea of ‘what to expect’, what they’re walking in to, who might be there, etc.

I think we can agree; we all have a much better time when we have an idea of what to expect….no matter if we are 6 or 66. 

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