Managing Your Personal Brand

Whether you are on the hunt for a job, or even gainfully employed, you must think, act, and plan like a business leader.  With the social media world available at our every whim, you have the ability and the need to manage your personal brand, not only in the real world, but in the virtual world as well.

New contacts and colleagues will research you online.  They’ll begin to create their ‘virtual’ first impression of you long before getting to know you in person.  You want to be in control of all of those impressions.  Why leave your professional reputation to chance, when you can be your own PR pro and manage your image?

Your Personal Brand in the Community

Serving on Community Advisory Boards and volunteering with a local non-profit are great ways to get your personal brand out and in front of others.  Keep in mind that your character is on display for all of the other committee members; as we all know, actions speak louder than words.  People are relying on you to do your job and to do it well – even if it is a volunteer job.  When attending a meeting, give 100% of your attention to the task at hand and come prepared with your homework complete.

Make an Agenda

If you are leading a committee meeting, it’s a great idea to spend some time in advance working on an agenda.  You might even consider a “timed” agenda where you give a specific amount of time to each topic.  This helps to keep the committee on track and ensure everything on the list gets covered.  One week before the meeting, send an email to all committee members and include a copy of the agenda.  This gives them an opportunity to review the items to be discussed and to come prepared.  After the meeting ends, at your earliest convenience, go over the meeting notes and create the next meeting agenda while everything is fresh in your mind.  This helps ensure everything is included and nothing slips through the cracks at the next meeting. And, it helps to establish you and your personal brand as a leader and someone who is reliable.

Your personal brand is all about who you are and what you want to be known for.  Make sure it’s good!

CareySue Vega

Carey Sue Vega is a business and youth etiquette expert. For ten years, she honed her skills with an international audience as Cruise Director for the Norwegian Cruise Line. Vega has been featured in numerous radio and television shows and magazine articles, sharing her etiquette expertise.  She’s also social savvy with social media. Connect with CareySue.


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