Manner Monday: New Year, New Goals and Gratitude

Every Sunday Blogging4Jobs invites our resident Etiquette Expert, CareySue Vega (@Etiquette101), to share tips when it comes to etiquette in the workplace during our own Manner Monday segment.

When working on your goals, and new resolutions, how about adding ‘gratitude’ to the list.  Yes, you’ve heard me talk about the importance of ‘thank-you notes’ in building professional relationships, but what about focusing on the simple act of ‘gratitude’.  You don’t have to pull out pen and paper and write a ‘thank-you note’ to be grateful.  Make it a part of your weekly recap; add a ‘gratitude’ column next to the +/- of the sales report.  What were you grateful for, what went well, and what worked?

We’ve all been there before, working for a boss or manager who is ‘holier than thou’ and who takes all of the credit – all of the time.  No matter how successful any one individual becomes, they didn’t get there alone.  No one wants to work with or for a ‘know-it-all’.  Gratitude is powerful.  Being grateful and gracious keeps us grounded, it keeps us real, it keeps us from being ‘that guy’.

And don’t be afraid to voice your gratitude.  Again, a hand-written note is fantastic, but so is honestly telling someone how grateful you are for his or her help, or for his or her integral part in the process.

If you have an office environment that needs a little ‘boost’ of moral, work on being grateful verbally, gratitude is contagious and can work wonders in turning things around.

New Year, New Goals and Gratitude

What are you grateful for?

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CareySue Vega

Carey Sue Vega is a business and youth etiquette expert. For ten years, she honed her skills with an international audience as Cruise Director for the Norwegian Cruise Line. Vega has been featured in numerous radio and television shows and magazine articles, sharing her etiquette expertise.  She’s also social savvy with social media. Connect with CareySue.


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