Manner Monday: Groundhog Day

Every Monday Blogging4Jobs invites our resident Etiquette Expert, CareySue Vega (@Etiquette101), to share tips when it comes to etiquette in the workplace during our own Manner Monday segment. This segment is for the practitioner who is focused on creating a more etiquette-friendly environment. 

Manner Monday:  Groundhog Day

The long-standing tradition of Groundhog Day is upon us once again.  Every year, on Feb. 2, we anxiously await Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction. If he does not see his shadow, we can celebrate with an early spring; if he does see his shadow, we will endure six more weeks of winter weather.  I love how this custom has turned into something fun and entertaining; we’re all waiting to hear what Phil has to “say” so we can plan for the next 6 weeks. Are we really going to rely on a Groundhog for our game plan?

I love how we’re watching someone else’s (a groundhog in this case) every move allowing his actions to determine our path.  Does it really matter if Phil sees his shadow or not?  As much as we get wrapped up into the novelty of it all, are we secretly watching, hoping and relying on a groundhog to give us the outcome we want? It’s kind of like paying attention to what other people do or say and making plans for our future based on their words or actions.  I try to remind myself; don’t rely on the human “Punxsutawney Phil’s” (celebrities, or the “popular people”) of this world. With the Kardashian’s tell us what to wear, how to take selfies, and giving us unrealistic ideas of what the ‘perfect’ life should be… well, I personally need to mind my own business and get on with what I need to do.

Don’t let someone else’s prediction (the current trend or hot thing) determine your path for the next 6 weeks… or 6 years.  Make the best business decision possible and do what’s best, and what’s right, for you – now. Not what the celebrity leads you to believe.

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CareySue Vega

Carey Sue Vega is a business and youth etiquette expert. For ten years, she honed her skills with an international audience as Cruise Director for the Norwegian Cruise Line. Vega has been featured in numerous radio and television shows and magazine articles, sharing her etiquette expertise.  She’s also social savvy with social media. Connect with CareySue.


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