Latest Trend: Video Interviewing

How to Use Video Interviewing as Leverage

Think of it as DVR for interviewing. And speaking of my DVR come the new fall television schedule, I can’t live without it. Companies are using video interviewing as a way to engage the candidate without all the time and commitment. I will admit I’ve been in a few interviews where I wish for nothing more than the good ole fast forward button, and as a candidate I’m sure you have as well.

Latest Trend: Video Interviewing

Video interviewing is used to screen candidates more efficiently while saving time and money. Some managers conduct their screening interviews via video. HireVue has video technology that allows hiring managers to screen candidates anywhere across the globe allowing for the consistency of interview questions and the ability to replay, review, or fast forward an interview multiple times and compare notes.

The actual video interviewing process for the most part is no different than a company’s current interviewing process. Candidate resumes and applications are screened and those that meet the requirements are invited to participate in the video interview. Normally, a webcam is set up in an office or other location to record your interview. You will be provided a tutorial to explain the video interview process. Like any interview, you will be asked 10-15 questions and will have a certain amount of time to respond to each question.

How does a candidate leverage video interviewing?

  • Engage your audience! Look into the camera. The camera is your audience. Don’t stare blankly into space or another corner of the room when answering questions. Make sure to smile and appear calm even if you are not.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice. Video interviewing is no different from a face to face interview. Practice answering common interview questions and role play with a trusted friend. Don’t be afraid to tape your interview and look for use of body language or a nervous twitch.
  • Do your research. This blog is a good place to start. Be prepared and understand how companies use video interviewing and what the actual interview will entail. Visit to learn more about the video interview process.
  • Dress the part. Treat a video interview like any other interview. Dress professional, well-groomed, and ready to impress.

Like any type of prescreen interview whether it’s face to face, video interviewing, or over the phone, your interview is your one and only chance to make that great impression! Proper prepartion and education will give you a chance to shine!!

Happy Hunting!! Jessica

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