Why Your Landing Page Is the Key to Great Recruiting

The benefits of a well designed Landing Page

As a recruiter you can understand the heartbreak of the job seeker who finds that just right job opening only to find that the posting was outdated and leads to a “failure to find” message. You share their pain because you know that, even if you don’t have the perfect job for them today, you may next week, or a month from now, or a year from now.

Here is how you can organize your job postings, create a permanent landing spot for inbound job posting links, and create a net to capture this job seeker as a part of your talent pool for future offerings just by creating one web page! With a well-designed landing page, you can do that and more!

A good landing page can help you do your job better!

  • Provides SEO for your hiring efforts that remains in place, versus job posting pages that are always, necessarily, in flux.
  • Builds a gateway to your job posting pages that can include tools for uploading resumes, filling out applications and finding out about jobs other than the one that led them there.
  • Is easy to adjust to suit your current needs with new content, graphics and links to important candidate resources within your site, or in other places.
  • Provides a permanently open access point for job seekers to find you and join your talent pool for current or future openings.
  • Broken and outdated links are not an issue. Job seekers find a welcoming page filled with information about the careers you offer and how to apply for them.

Your landing page can serve as the foundation of your online recruitment efforts.

Currently, the typical job posting is available for less than a month. We presently have an open recruitment window that is 26.2 days longer than average, but there are still 11 months of the year where candidates who are probable hires may be looking for jobs comparable to the one we just filled.

Wouldn’t you prefer to cultivate a steady stream of qualified candidates who are prepared to apply for your next opening rather than having to ramp up an entire marketing campaign every time a job opening is announced? You undoubtedly have some, but if you can keep these workers interested all year long, your number could rise dramatically!

  • A good landing page provides a funnel to catch candidates for whatever positions you choose to attract through targeted SEO. This is great for those hard to fill roles. Imagine, having a ready list of possible applicants the next time you need a specialist.
  • For mass hires, you can have them prepped and ready for your next announcement! These are typically generic or entry level positions that people looking to work for your company are eager to apply for. Why not have a list of candidates to invite the next time?
  • Extends your recruiting cycle to 365 days a year, 24 hours a day through career descriptions and information about your company and the work experiences you provide.

In sales they call these warm leads. Applicants coming through a good landing page are already informed about the company and the job. Those who would typically waste your time only to find out they were not really qualified, or that your job does not meet their needs can now filter themselves out.

If your list is properly managed, these candidates can know within moments of your next job opening being posted. This creates an ongoing talent pipeline that will make your hiring process shorter, provide you with a constant supply of pre-qualified candidates and makes you available to job seekers year round.

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