10 Labor Relations Resources for Tuesday’s Election & Beyond

Here's a list of ten great labor relations resources

Tuesday is Election Day 2012

Election Day 2012 is looming.  No matter how the election turns out, the results of the vote on Tuesday are going to impact labor policy in the United States.  No matter who elected, you can expect the NLRB to continuing moving forward with the vigorous reform agenda they have been pursuing in the last two years.  

I’m not predicting a winner, or telling you who I voted for, but I still have something good for you.  Here’s a list of ten great labor relations resources where you can catch up on changes and developments of labor policy and labor relations as they break.   I originally published this list on my blog back in March 2011, but it’s still relevant today.  I hope you find it to be a useful resource.

  • The first source everyone should pay attention to is the National Labor Relations Board agency web site.    There is an unbelievable amount of information to be found on this site, including search tools and data bases.  You can also subscribe to agency newsletters.
  • Labor Relations Institute is the website for one of the top firms in management side labor relations and positive workplace relations.  Their newsletter is called Labor Relations Ink.
  • Labor Union Report bills itself as being “the most comprehensive source for news and views on today’s labor union.”    This may in fact be true, since head blogger Peter List seemingly covers every labor union story that hits the wire.  Take note, Peter is very opinionated about the many faults of  today’s labor movement, and his views are reflected in his writing.
  • Labor Related is a blog with good information. They also provide a unique resource by using Xtranormal to create short training videos based on some case decisions from the NLRB.    You can check out an example here.
  • Labor Relations Today provides excellent coverage and analysis on developments in traditional labor law.  They are very balanced, and well worth checking out.

Labor Relations Impacts You and Your Job

Labor relations and unions are topics that touch us even after the 2012 election day.  Whether you are a manager or employee, it’s important to be informed like any workplace or personal topic so that you are able to make the most informed decision that’s best for you.  Your job is your lifeline and the key to your personal and financial success which is what makes educating yourself on the happenings surrounding labor relations today, tomorrow, and beyond.

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