Job Search Tips from a Recruiter

job search tips from a recruiter

Your resume looks great and you’ve been applying to all the major job boards. You get some calls with recruiters, but it’s not really leading to anything. You know there are probably other opportunities out there but you’re not sure how to access them. What else can you try?

Automate Your Search

Let the job boards tell you about the openings instead of spending so much time looking! Recruitment is all about timing. A lot of hiring depends on what day the job opens, who is available and interested when it opens, who applies first (if you’re not one of the first 20 applicants, you may not get a call even if you’re qualified!), the hiring manager’s availability to interview, and so on. Instead of spending the 30 minutes a day looking at the job boards, sign up for email alerts by title or keyword so that as soon as a new role hits the boards that interests you, you’ll be one of the first applicants.

Work Your LinkedIn Account

Use the time you would have spent on the job boards working LinkedIn. Send thoughtful connection requests (with a personalized note), post content, share content, and engage/comment on others’ content. When you comment on someone else’s post, all of their connections can then see your comment. They’ve now seen your face and your name. They’ve now seen the valuable input you’ve provided and they see you as a resource. They may even send you a connection request!

Be Open-Minded When It Comes to Networking

Use the time you would have spent searching major job boards to look for events to attend in your area. Don’t limit yourself to events in your certain profession or industry. Of course these are good, but look online for public speaking groups, professional happy hours, LinkedIn local events, and meet ups. Volunteer work is valuable too. It’s easier to network when you already have a common interest with someone. Open up the conversation from there. You may be able to provide value to that person, and they may know someone, who knows someone who’s hiring!

Build Your Personal Brand

Instead of thinking from a candidate/job seeker perspective, think from a personal brand perspective! From this standpoint, connection and relationships are both a staple of your personal brand and your job search. When an opportunity comes open, you want to be the person that comes to mind. Without making connections and meeting new people, there is no way for this to happen. You are more than a resume and need to show that in order to stand out! Let people see that through the way you positively engage, communicate and offer value to your various networks.

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  1. kiran sahu says

    I was really confused on how to search a job amongst so many job in coroporate world your Tips help me to choose my best job
    Thanks a lot.!


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