Jigsaw in the Job Search

Bypass gatekeepers. Go straight to decision makers and influencers. If you’re in the job hunt, Jigsaw can save you precious time.

Jigsaw in the Job Search

Jigsaw (http://www.jigsaw.com/) is an online rolodex of more than 8 million business contacts. Every contact in Jigsaw is complete with full name, title, postal address, hard-to-find email address and telephone number. So what does Jigsaw have to do with your job search? Have you ever wanted to contact the Hiring Manager or Recruiter directly for a job posting? Jigsaw can help you do that. Recruiters and sales people use Jigsaw to get direct contact information on passive candidates and customers and you can too.

When I first visited Jigsaw, I was very impressed with the ability to search for a particular job title, industry, and company. What’s great is Jigsaw is free if you enter your personal contacts into the site. Points can also be purchased. Once you purchase your contacts, I recommend phoning your contact directly first. Prepare a short script of your interest in the position, highlight your skills and qualifications, and what the next steps are prior to calling the decision maker. Send an email after you leave a message with your resume attached along with a day and time when you will be following back up.

The key to Jigsaw is that the information is only as accurate and reliable as those who enter the information which is why I am still optimistic that this is a great tool for recruiters, sales people, and job searchers alike.

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Jessica Miller-Merrell

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