It’s a #CarnivalofHR Up in Here, #MarchMadness

This month Blogging4Jobs gets the pleasure of once again hosting the Carnival of HR. In the spirit of March Madness and all the basketball that’s happening, we decided to have a theme that embodied the true spirit of the madness of March. Through competition and just being completely mad about topics in HR here are the favorites we’ve stumbled across.

Carnival of HR

Robin Schooling gets the gold when it comes to this month’s Carnival of HR where she talked about being assertive in Human Resources, and that’s possibly the new future of being a leader instead of being led. She writes it on her newest blog, which I dubbed as The Robin Schooling Project. I love it all.

David Richter had a good post on big data and hits it on the nail when he says, “the HR media has a maddening ability to bandy about technical jargon without fully understanding what it means or the implications of the snake oil it’s touting.” This indeed is madness as it happens day in and day out. His specific topic on big data is one of those topics that everyone talks about, but no one knows what it is.

Stuart Rudner talks about common termination traps in his contribution to the Carnival of HR. This topic is extremely important in the HR space and issues like improperly calculating termination pay, severance pay, benefits, failure of disability coverage, and many many more are topics that are very maddening to HR professionals alike. Check out his blog and see much more you can learn about all those topics that madden the HR practitioner.

Julie Giulioni talks about meditation in her contribution this month to the Carnival of HR. This post applauds organizations that are incorporating meditation into their corporate cultures and leadership development efforts… since it’s a powerful tool that supports mindfulness. But there are many other strategies organizations can/should employ to develop mindful leaders… and she explores just a few.

Including a few post from Blogging4Jobs this month I have chosen to pick Andrea Devers post about the working parent and how companies aren’t doing enough to promote a workforce of single parents or even two parents. She focuses on policies for working mothers and how companies are doing right by them as well as questions that you can ask to evaluate your leave plans and if they’re extremely beneficial to your employees.

I also chose to pick Noma Bruton because she talks about the dreaded performance appraisal, and we all know that maddens HR practitioners. So many people say to get rid of them yet companies aren’t jumping on this trend instead they’re living in the dark ages of pre-dated performance appraisals.

With that, it’s time to conclude this month’s Carnival of HR. Hope you enjoyed it! Check out their website for previous carnivals and continue to follow us on Blogging4Jobs as we continue to push the boundaries of HR and Recruiting.


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