Increasing the Level of Productivity and Engagement For Your Team

TravelTech for HR. How to increase the level of productivity and engagement for your team without leaving the workplace.

Online team development is one of the newest trends in HR. Real-time virtual tour with your group and a personal guide. The first Russian start-up to actively develop this trend for corporate clients is Wind4Tune.

Before we tell you more about this start-up, let us share some information about online-trend:

What is the impact of the pandemic on employees?

The Covid-19 virus started to spread to all continents in March. Office workers have abandoned their daily commutes to work from their homes’ couches, beds, and dining room tables as a result of stay-at-home orders received from all over the world. Official information from Google and Netflix indicates that they want to continue using this format at least through the first of September. Employees will have grown accustomed to working from home at this point. This has many benefits for businesses, including the ability to balance their budgets and reduce costs.

Sounds great. On the other hand: there will be not only positive sides, for example:

-low involvement in work: pandemic impacts the job; so it might weaken the personal relationships we build with colleagues;

-high level of stress: many people live in fear that they will be affected by the economic crisis;

loss of creativity: creativity level goes down when you sit at home for months. It drains your energy;

How do new trends of online-team-building help business?

Online-team-building as a virtual journey is a «cure» for all the disadvantages listed above.

How does it work?

You choose for your team one of the journeys, buy tickets, and have new travel experience without leaving a safe space!

You get:

  • Live online travel experience – dive into the real life of Tokyo, Singapore or Barcelona with a guide;
  • Active participation – you can communicate with a guide throughout your tour;
  • Convenient connection – you can participate via a laptop, tablet, or phone; 
  • Positive emotions – everyone will receive a few gifts at the end of the trip;


Some pics from trips:













‘’Now Im working as an HR and also as an owner of my business. We examined how frustrated consumers are with worktime in the age of lockdown, and we deliver strategies to help navigate these exceptional circumstances’’, says Sergey Sigalov, who is in charge of  as CEO & Founder.

We want to provide our corporate clients with:

  • Productivity – New experience gives us the energy to stay active;
  • Involvement – Bring your team together from different places around the World;
  • Creativity – Find inspiration to enhance your level of creativity;

And this is possible just using our product.


Feedback from ö*

‘’Our company was one of the first companies that switched to remote work. To support our team, we began to conduct various online events via Zoom, such as playing mafia-online and having a team-building. However only one activity we had twice: a virtual journey with It was what we needed. As now, we need new emotions and travels. Currently, borders are closed. Online-traveling is one of the useful tools to give your colleagues new emotions.

We liked it for the following reasons):

-you can decide on the place/city to explore;

-there is a live guide who communicates with you

-now we have a club in the company called ‘Japan Lovers.’ As we loved our experience.

Ökko is a dynamic and active company, and our team is creative and open-minded. We visited together Tokyo and Kyoto, and this was in the morning. It helped us to start our day, not only with a cup of tea and breakfast. We gained good emotions for the whole day.


We think that every person in the company needs care. And during this pandemic time, it is essential! Now we live in psychical stress, and we need to take a break. We organize a lot of new online-events, and now, we have only positive feedback from our team, which means we do it right! – says Anastasiia Eliseenko, who works as an HR Ö

*(ö – one of the biggest Russian online-cinema)



Standard 9-to-5 office hours could become a past thing. Pandemic changed all things in business. Online team-building is not here to substitute real team-building. It’s like a new tool for your team to get a new emotion without leaving the workplace.

What you need to do:

1- Ask your team ’’Where do you want to travel to?’’

2- Book a trip at

3-Explore the World and have good vibes with your device (phone, laptop or computer)

We are a new project, and for the first time, Wind4Tune does free trial online tours for HRs every Saturday! If you are a company that takes care of your team, we recommend trying this online-team-building for your organization.

This Saturday, Wind4Tune will explore Tokyo, come with us!

Tap a link to register with Wind4Tune.

See you in Japan!

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Sigalov Sergey

Sigalov Sergey has a great experience as an expert in the fields of HRTech, TravelTech, Computer Vision, and AI sounds. Previously developed the is an artificial intelligence engine that optimizes HR processes. It solved a lot of problems associated with team-building and working processes. Nowadays, he develops his project, the Service for online traveling with a guide in real-time. is a new era of online teambuilding.

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  1. Jack Thompson says

    It’s quite a nice article. We are use worktime to track the productivity of our employees and we’ve noticed this exact trend you are talking about: it takes more time for our employees to complete creative tasks than they used to. They, probably, they lack motivation and experience.

  2. Amruta says

    It is very innovative idea. It will definitely works well in teams of building team bonding and increasing motivational level. Belongingness is a human tendacy. So when we involve in some creative stuff, it automatically increases our productivity. Waiting for such a nice brief in the future.


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