Ep 142 – Inclusive Hiring: How to Hire Global Autism Talent

inclusive hiring: how to hire global autism talent

One of my most popular articles on the Workology site is an ongoing list of employers that have autism hiring programs. Each week I receive several messages, emails and phone calls from kids, adults, parents and friends who have loved ones diagnosed with autism and looking for work. I thought it best to talk to an autism work expert and someone who understands what it’s like looking for a job when diagnosed.

Episode 142: Inclusive Hiring: How to Hire Global Autism Talent with Zach Zaborny (@ZachZaborny)

Zach Zaborny is an international autism consultant, speaker, author and autism self-advocate. Diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at age eight, Zach went on to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications from Kansas State University in 2012. He has since made it his mission to passionately communicate his lived experience with Asperger’s to assist others. Zach works with organizations around the world to promote autism awareness and educate employers about the benefits of employing individuals on the autism spectrum.

As I mentioned, one of our most popular articles on Workology is a list of companies who have autism hiring programs. Zach walks us through some of the reasons that adults diagnosed with autism make for great employees. Their attention to detail, ability to focus, and see the world differently make for great programmers, video editors, and jobs that focus on identify patterns like errors in code or spreadsheets.

Zach provides a global perspective on autism hiring having recently returned from travels abroad in Australia and New Zealand. Autism isn’t just something that happens in America. It is found globally.

Advice for Parents and Friends of Adults with an Autism Diagnosis

Zach also shares advice for parents, family, and friends of adults who have an autism diagnosis when it comes to finding work and landing a job they love. He candidly shares his own unemployment job search struggles he faced after college graduation. Unfortunately, many employers hiring processes are challenging for someone with autism to shine in an interview, Zach suggests using networks and referrals as a way to get an interview versus relying on the traditional application process.

Small changes in systems and process in work and the #hiring process can make an impact for the better for adults with autism. - @zachzaborny #workology #podast #recruiting Click To Tweet

Zach provides some great insights for employers on how challenging not only the hiring process can be for those with autism and disabilities but the entire workplace itself. He says small changes in systems and process can make an impact for the better for adults with autism. His podcast is a must listen for employers who want a real-world perspective and for parent and family members who want to help their friend or family member find work. I, truly believe that together shining a spotlight on this topic, we can make a difference and I applaud Zach for his work.

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