Greenhouse Drives Inclusion and Elevates Agile Recruiting Processes

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In talent acquisition, one of the biggest challenges is finding a recruiting technology and hiring platform that can move and grow with you, but is also aligned with your larger business strategies. For most fast-moving and socially conscious organizations, dynamic technology partners are essential to success and growth. These allies should be supportive and focused on not just your current activities and requisition loads, but also on pushing their clients to being more productive, efficient, and effective at their hiring practices. That’s exactly what Greenhouse is working to do.

A Commitment to Recruiting Processes, Predictive Metrics and Reporting

I love Greenhouse’s all-inclusive hiring products and services designed to support everyone in the hiring process. Their commitment to making recruiting better permeates their product. They are an innovator in many areas, one of which is inclusion and pushing recruiting teams to be better in all areas of recruitment and talent acquisition.

From the moment you log onto the Greenhouse platform, their recruiting dashboard is impressive. It’s customizable and one of my favorite features is their Events app dashboard, which lets all members of the hiring process stay in the know on the latest recruiting career fairs, meetups, and activities. Greenhouse makes it easy to capture and engage candidates from those recruiting events. Recruiters simply snap a photo of an applicant’s resume using the Greenhouse Events app. Then they can upload, tag, and make notes about that candidate. This makes future follow-up easy for anyone in the hiring process.

I’m also a fan of Greenhouse CRM, or candidate relationship manager, technology which allows you to easily tag candidates by location or event, and create custom follow-up plans for candidate nurturing. Once a photo of the candidate’s resume is taken and uploaded to the Greenhouse platform, it is searchable and allows anyone to reach out, follow-up, and interact with all candidates.

Greenhouse’s CRM technology also lets recruiters keep track of all prospects throughout the stages of hiring. Users can seamlessly upload candidate information from popular sourcing sites like Github, StackOverflow and LinkedIn, among others. These integrations plus tagging functionality allow for a more in-depth understanding and produce recruiting reports that go beyond source-of-hire and candidate quality.

Predictive Hiring Leverages Machine Learning Technology

Greenhouse’s predictive hiring technology, Greenhouse Predicts, is one of their most impressive features. I love how they use machine learning models to provide data on historical pipeline performance, giving the user candidate ratios and estimated dates when the job position will close. This information allows for more effective headcount planning and helps support recruiting leaders in managing and setting expectations of not only the hiring managers they support, but also members of the business leadership team.

When it comes to reporting and dashboards, Greenhouse provides reporting features and customizations that are unique to each organization including a Report Builder providing even more flexibility for users to create mid-level reports based on sophistication need. Their integrations with Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, and Tableau also make it easy to evaluate data and analyze trends and information. With Greenhouse, you don’t have to be a data scientist to access and analyze recruiting data.

Encouraging Inclusion in Hiring and Recruitment

According to LinkedIn’s 2018 Global Recruiting Trends Report, 78% of companies indicated they are prioritizing diversity to improve culture, and 62% are doing so to boost financial performance. Greenhouse understands this and their Greenhouse Inclusion product is designed to reduce bias and improve hiring practices. It generates small but intentional messages, called “nudges,” that are used in the different parts of the hiring process, including job descriptions, referrals, and interview feedback.

Another feature, among over a dozen, that Greenhouse offers to minimize unconscious bias in the hiring process is the ability to anonymize candidate information that might be swaying the decision-making process of hiring managers and recruiters. Talent leaders can remove identifying candidate data when reviewing job seeker applications, assessments, applications, and candidate profiles.

Working with Greenhouse is smooth and feels flawless. Every customer receives a dedicated implementation manager to help them in transitioning to the Greenhouse platform. Their customer support team is global, with offices in Denver as well as Dublin, and offers dedicated support through live chat and a ticketing system.

Greenhouse adds so much value beyond being a technology provider. They are a true partner to the recruiting process, providing innovative support and solutions that I believe will elevate any hiring and recruiting process. Interested in more information? Click here to speak with Greenhouse to learn how they can help you elevate your current recruiting processes.

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