I Love It When You Call Me Big Data #BigDataHR

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I Love It When You Call Me Big Data #BigDataHR

If you think corporate culture is too touchy-feely for big data to measure, think again.  Companies with award-winning culture leverage technology to help continually improve their company.  In the past, popular personality assessments included the Five Factors Personality Model, Myers-Briggs Indicator, and DISCs assessment.  Technology has come a long way since these personality models.  Today’s science allows companies to predict people’s future on-the-job behavior, analyze how they stack up against other candidates and match candidates and culture.   How are big data and corporate culture shacking up?

Classifying culture.

If getting hit in the head with Nerf balls isn’t your thing, some company culture may not be ideal for you.  Technology allows us to classify the companies into different culture types based on their environment, their purpose, and their core values.  Based on this classification, candidates can have a pretty good sense of the culture, eliminating the standard interview question,”So what’s it like to work here?”


There are a few different paths that are being explored in terms of tech and hiring.  Some companies are leaning towards competition: in the form of project-based competitive interviews and ranking candidates in comparison to other applicants.  Also, there are coding, social media, and position specific knowledge tests that pit candidates against each other.  Other companies are deviating from analyzing candidates strengths and weaknesses, creating candidate profiles that have no negative traits.  These profiles measure how candidate’s goals, values, and personality will pair with company culture.

Hiring for a cultural fit.

There is no such thing as a perfect fit.  In fact, companies benefit from having people with diverse personalities.  Don’t discount the power in having a compatible partnership.  When people’s personal values (even personal values that seemingly have no bearing on their professional lives)  match that of the company’s values and norms, that’s where the magic happens.  This contributes to increased commitment to the company, purposeful performance, and decreased turnover.

Predicting Job Success.

Companies are using technology to conduct extensive studies that measure what makes people successful in their position.  Profiles are created based on the traits of the ideal person for the position.  For example, a company relied heavily on the job requirement that candidates must have previous call center experience as a requirement for the job.  After analyzing the data on people that excelled at the position, it was found that past experience was actually not a predicator of success.  The company eliminated this requirement from the job description.

Social media to measure engagement.

The technology exists to measure engagement based on your people’s Facebook and Twitter status updates.  Don’t wait to learn about how someone hated working for your company while they are on the way out the door.  Analytics are used to scan your team’s social feeds and score their posts in relation to their overall job satisfaction.  From there, you can make real time adjustments to your culture based on the feedback from social media.  #Win!

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