HRdirect Helps HR Teams Streamline and Simplify Compliance

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HRdirect Helps HR Teams Streamline and Simplify Compliance

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HR teams have a lot on their collective plate, from finding candidates to supporting employees to programs and processes that improve both candidate and employee experience. We all live in fear of missing a really important step in hiring or onboarding that could open our companies up to liability. If you’re like me, you know that feeling…did you make sure your job applications and postings include the latest best practices to avoid discriminatory language? Did you include or exclude the “ban the box” information for specific states? This is what wakes HR professionals up at night.

HRdirect Helps HR Teams Streamline and Simplify Compliance

Why so scary? In HR, we have to constantly stay on top of federal, state and local labor laws because the laws and regulations are changing so frequently. Miss a new requirement or change to an existing one and you might also miss a forms update or a change in the way they are filled out or filed—which means potential fines or other liabilities. 

Some companies pay top dollar to outsource hiring and onboarding paperwork to vendors who guarantee compliance with employment laws, but what if we could do this internally—at a cost that fits our budgets? Without an expensive HRIS? I have to tell you about HRdirect. 

Compliance Made Easy – at Your Fingertips

HRdirect offers practical and affordable solutions to help employers streamline administrative tasks and simplify compliance with federal and state labor laws. This is such a great resource for HR leaders and teams. HRdirect’s Fill-and-Save™ Form Libraries are collections of HR forms that can be routed, completed and stored electronically. Each form library focuses on a critical HR function and provides 12 months of unlimited access to forms that support everything from FMLA to hiring and onboarding to attendance and time tracking to performance management, and you don’t have to purchase a costly HRIS platform. 

When you log into the HRdirect Resource Center to access your form library, you’ll see the list of forms based on the libraries you purchased and can easily switch to other libraries (and their forms)by using the drop-down menu. The interface is extremely easy to use and includes search functionality for quick navigation to a specific form within the specific library.  

You can manage user roles for the forms library. As an administrator you can access and assign user roles to others on the teams. This is great, because we can share forms outside of our HR team. You likely have multiple hiring managers that need access to your Hiring & Onboarding Form Library, as an example. You can give them user or administrator access, depending on the level in which you want them to be able to interact with the platform. Administrators are  the only users who can add others, change permissions, and purchase additional items. Users can only log in and see and download all forms and checklists.

How HRdirect Form Libraries Work

Once you’re logged in, you’ll see the most recent forms and you can switch libraries using the drop-down menu on the left side. Each library has ten or more forms, each form comes with a tip sheet, and the date indicates when the form was last updated (by the compliance team at HRdirect). You can use them as fill-and-save forms, download directly to your computer (you only need Adobe Reader to view), and you can save and use to send out to new hires or employees – for those of us working remotely, this feature is great – or upload the PDF to DocuSign (Adobe Acrobat Pro required). 

The libraries also include resources like checklists and instructions with legal requirements for each form. I love the audit trail feature on the I-9 form (we all know why we need it), but having these form libraries at your fingertips allows you and your team to work concurrently in the same system for everything from job applications to exit interviews. 

The fill-and-save (fillable PDF) feature makes it easy to route, complete and save completed forms directly to your computer or server without having to print or scan them. This hands down is one of my favorite features especially with so many employees working from home. Use them to support end-to-end electronic workflows for both onsite and remote workers. (You can also print the forms – before or after completing them – if your process requires it.)

What Forms Do You Get Access To? 

There are currently five primary forms libraries: hiring and onboarding, FMLA administration, attendance and time tracking, even performance management and OSHA Recordkeeping.

FMLA administration includes a checklist that details the steps to follow and when to use each form, and all FMLA-related forms, including general employee notices and leave tracker. These documents can be sent electronically, and both employees and managers can complete them by typing directly into fillable fields. Each form is continually monitored and guaranteed to comply with the latest FMLA regulations, and accessible anytime, anywhere, by multiple members of your business. 

Hiring and onboarding includes job applications, applicant evaluations, onboarding documents, I-9, direct deposit authorization, affirmative action and voluntary disability forms, I-9 audit trail (plus guidance resources and checklists).

Time and attendance includes attendance calendars (including fiscal and academic year), one year of calendars ahead, time off requests, absence reports, weekly time tracker for hourly workers, overtime request form, request to work remotely form, along with guidance resources and checklists.

Performance management includes a supervisor’s performance tracker to keep track of one-on-one meetings with employees, SMART goal worksheet, performance review forms (qualitative and quantitative), employee self review, 360-degree feedback form, employee warning notice, final warning notice, separation notice and exit interview. 

The OSHA & Safety forms library includes all mandatory OSHA forms, workplace injury/illness reports, safety incident checklists, medical forms, OSHA incident rate calculator and attorney-recommended tools for addressing general safety issues, including a legally sound Safety Warning Notice for policy violations.

What I really love about these forms libraries is the ease of which you can share them with your HR team and hiring managers along with the supplemental resources; meaning that your hiring managers are going to follow the same checklist that you would follow using the same forms. This cuts down on training time and the possibility of user error, as the steps are all up to date and clearly defined. 

How Form Libraries Work? Watch Video

Additionally, all forms are attorney-approved and guaranteed to comply with federal and state employment laws. Calendar-based forms (such as government forms and attendance tracking calendars) are updated automatically each year. Ongoing legal monitoring and automatic updates to ensure forms remain 100% compliant throughout the year is already factored into the annual cost, so you can tell your busy HR specialist to go ahead and take two full weeks of vacation at year-end since they won’t be digging through your online directory to update files for the new year! 

Interested in more information? Click here to speak with HRdirect to learn how they can help you streamline your HR processes. 

Cost per year: $99 per library ($129 value) and you can get a 15% discount with this link.

FTC Disclosure: We received compensation for mentioning and reviewing the product listed above as part of one of the services we offer our clients. Regardless, we only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. We are disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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