Ep 26 – Strategic HR with Donna Miller

Earlier this week, I invited HR to Crash the Boardroom. Personally, I’ve been thinking a lot about why HR isn’t seen as a strategic partner when you and I both how important HR is. Personally, I think it’s a lot like Sheryl Sandberg’s concept of “Lean In.” We shouldn’t be asking for permission. We should just be inserting ourselves into the conversation. We shouldn’t be waiting for an invite to the party.

Episode 26: How Does HR Become a Strategic Business Partner with Donna Miller

Talent is a topic that nearly every CEO is talking about and yet one of the biggest frustrations and complaints from HR professionals is the lack of support from their CEO and executive team. Early on in my career, I experienced similar things and was challenged with how to develop a relationship with members of my senior leadership team. My guest for this episode of the Workology Podcast is Donna Miller. She is a former HR executive who has worked in a variety of industries including high tech, oil and gas and telecommunications who now serves as an executive coach. She works with high potential leaders helping them to growth and develop at lightning speed. You will love her insights as someone who has a background in HR but works with those senior leaders and CEOs growing future talent through coaching.

Strategies For HR to Become a Member of the Senior Leadership Team

Donna’s perspectives on the podcast are extremely insightful. In her coaching work, she takes a very focused and planned approach. This is something we need to do more of in human resources as we work to build and establish relationships and credibility for our new strategic HR roles. Donna makes some important points about what’s important to CEO’s and how HR should and can communicate as well as approach business leaders. She, like myself suggests that you crash the boardroom.

When it comes to demonstrating value and ROI in the human resources role, Donna suggests looking at the bigger picture and building relationships with another member of the senior leadership team. Using relationships, you know that someone has your back. It’s one of the most effective forms of networking and relationships. You have a specific goal in mind so you look to the help of an ally. Maybe that ally needs help with a special project, insights and data that you can provide. By helping them first, you are demonstrating value, building credibility while learning more about the larger business you support. Sounds like a win win to me. Be sure to listen to this awesome episode and connect with Donna Miller on LinkedIn.



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