HR Morning Survey Reveals Overwhelming Support for Romney from HR Professionals

MALVERN, Pa.–HR Morning, a trusted news and information resource to more than 430,000 HR professionals, has released the results of its email survey, revealing how HR professionals view the two presidential candidates and the most pressing issues impacting HR.

HR Survey Reveals Big Support for Romney from HR Professionals

The results showed an overwhelming preference for Governor Romney. Two-thirds of respondents said a Romney administration would most benefit HR, while just 23% said the same about President Obama.

“It’s clear that many HR pros aren’t very happy about how the Obama administration has handled workplace issues,” said Tim Gould, HR Morning’s Editor in Chief. “They seem to be feeling additional pressure from increasingly aggressive federal agencies – especially the National Labor Relations Board – and it’s apparent they think a Romney administration would ease some of that pressure.”

When asked what impact the current administrations’ policies have had on HR, 66% gave thumbs down, with 25% responding slightly negative and 42% largely negative. Nine percent were either slightly or largely positive about President Obama’s policies, while 13% were neutral and 2% felt no impact.

Nearly nine out of 10 HR professionals indicated that the complying with healthcare reform was one of their most critical issues, followed by staying competitive with pay and benefits at 59%, the NLBR (National Labor Relations Board) with 42%, and hiring the best people at 32%.

“No doubt, our survey shows that HR people are more worried about healthcare reform than any other issue,” said Gould. “They’re unsure about their companies’ ability to continue to offer employee health insurance.”

In addition to its report detailing the results, HR Pros Make Their Presidential Picks, HR Morning also published an Election Infographic highlighting the survey results. (see below) 

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HR Morning conducted its research from October 10-15th 2012, through an emailed survey completed by 1,273 respondents. Though this was a large sample size given a sample universe of 500,000 HR professionals, the results are unscientific because the survey recipients did not represent a randomized selection.

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