How Unions Are Using Mobile Messaging to Reach Your Employees

This is the second in a union organizing and communication series. Click here to read the first article and check out our webinar on how unions are using social media to communicate to your employees. 

Mobile phones are a pint sized computers and all around communication devices that fit into the power of your hand. It’s great for communicating and engaging friends, families and your employees, but it’s also an equally great way for unions to reach your own employees. Now, I realize that union membership is declining having fallen 11.8% from 2011 to 2012, but these organizations are not going down without a fight. They are using combined efforts of websites, blogs and other carefully curated content along with social media and most importantly with the mobile phone in mind.

How Unions Are Using Mobile Messaging to Reach Your Employees

Most managers, HR professionals and corporate business professionals are surprised when I’ve shared how active unions and other organizations are when it comes to technology. Here’s a real life example of how they are communicating with your employees. One of the recent mobile messaging campaigns I discovered managed by a union advocacy group flies under the radar encouraging mobile users to take part in a wage participation quiz. There’s a series of questions that users are encouraged to answer followed by a call to action at the end.



While I didn’t include the entire survey. You can text “LABOR” to 235246 to see for yourself. This is just one of many examples of how unions are using mobile to reach, communicate and organize your employees. Another mobile messaging organizing campaign doesn’t include a survey but asks mobile users to include their industry and zip code to better organize and catalogue their lists of interested parties. Just like the Obama Presidential campaign with their innovative mobile messaging, unions can instantly text and reach large audiences in very targeted area as well as by industry providing them updates, encouraging them to support union activities or walk off the job.

If you are not comfortable texting the union messaging platform yourself, I’ve designed a similar survey that can also be used to study for the PHR or SPHR certification tests. It’s a short 6 question test that I’ve placed in a mobile format you can try. Just text “HRCI” to 55678 and give it a go. I’ve created a short call to action at the end to show you how easy it is to obtain email addresses and other information. Mobile messaging rates may apply.

This is the second in a union organizing and communication series. Click here to read the first article and check out our webinar on how unions are using social media to communicate to your employees. 

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