How to Source SAS Programmers

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In the market for SAS programmers? Do they seem to be evading your reach? Never fear, here is a quick tutorial on how to use Google to find them (or at least, some of them).

How to Source SAS Programmers

  • I ask Google to look for the term “resume” in the title of every web document in its database
  • I add the keyword SAS
  • I then ask Google to include any of the following terms: programmer, engineer or developer
  • Since “Education” is almost always listed on a resume, I add that term to my query.
  • A lot of times when I am sourcing from the web, I find a lot of sample resumes. These sample resumes are good for people who are trying to figure out how to format their resume, but not so good for me. I don’t need them in my search results, so I ask Google not to include them.
  • Usually when people post their resume (even if they have multiple versions available), they refer to it as “my resume,” or “resume of.” Rarely do I find resume written in plural on a homepage. Most likely, if I see “resumes” it is on a job site of some kind. I don’t need that in my search results. So I tell Google to ban results with the term “resumes” in it.
  • I also ask Google not to return results with the term “apply” in it. Why? Yeah, you guessed it. “Please apply here for the position” is how “apply” is typically used and I don’t want that in my results either.

So with all of that said, here is how my search string would look.

intitle:resume SAS (programmer OR engineer OR developer) education -intitle:jobs -sample -resumes -apply

At this writing, 500 results were returned and the overall majority were resumes. Feeling SASsy? Give it a try.

Happy Hunting!

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