How to Prepare for HR Recertification with Upskill HR

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How to Prepare for HR Recertification with Upskill HR 

The 70+ courses in Upskill HR will push you to be a well-rounded HR professional while also helping you maintain your  SPHR, GPHR and California PHR certifications. When it comes to being well-rounded, the only requirement is to choose a course that stretches you or teaches you something new – but for recertification credits, you’ll need more formal documentation. Read on to learn about completion certificates and activity ID numbers – the two main things you’ll need when you renew your HR certification – and how to find them through Upskill HR.

LEARN course completion certificate
If you’re planning to use your LEARN course for recertification credits, be sure to save a certificate like this one for each course you complete.

Course Completion Certificate

Each time you complete a Upskill HR course that qualifies for SPHR, GPHR or California PHR recertification credit, be sure to download your completion certificate to prove that you’ve taken the course. You may want to start a file on your computer that contains:

1. A spreadsheet that lists each recertification course you completed through Upskill HR

2. A directory that houses completion certificates for each course

Where to Find Your Certificate

Print or save your certificate from the course home screen once you’ve finished your class. If you want to access your certificate at a later date, log in and access the course, and then click on the “print your certificate” button for a completion certificate.

LEARN by Workology download certificate screen
Once you complete a course, a certificate download button will appear on the course description screen.

Activity ID Number

Once you’ve completed a credit-approved course in Upskill HR and downloaded your certificate, the next step is to look up the HRCI or SHRM Activity ID Number that you’ll need to use when filing your recertification paperwork. You will find this on your course completion certificate. It’s a good idea to add these numbers to your spreadsheet so that they’ll be easy to access when you sit down to recertify through HRCI or SHRM. When you’re ready for that process, here are a few guides that will help:

How to enter your recertification credits in the HRCI portal

How to enter HR recertification credits into the SHRM portal

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