How to Prepare for Group Interviews

Group interviews can be extremely intimidating for any candidate. Once you have received your interview confirmation, your mind begins to swirl with questions. What type of group interview am I attending? How do I prepare? What do I wear? Where do I start? Take a deep breath!

How to Prepare for Group Interviews

A group interview can mean many different things. It can mean you and a panel of supervisors, a group of candidates with or without a panel, or it can mean all of the above. You may not know what type of group interview you are attending; it never hurts to ask ahead of time.

Be sure to prepare for a group interview just as you would a one-on-one meeting (read the job description thoroughly; research the company, arrive on time etc). Here are a few keys areas you should pay special attention to when preparing for group interviews.

Keep Your Answers To Less Than a Minute

I know this sounds easier said than done, however, when you are practicing your Q & A it’s very important not to ramble on. Believe me, I know you want to get as much information about yourself across to the interviewers. Keeping your answers to less than a minute especially, if you are in a room with other candidates will insure you are keeping the attention of the interviewers as well as showing you are prepared and confident.

Be A Leader

You won’t know until you get to the interview, but if you are presented with a group task, speak up, and nominate yourself as the group’s spokesperson. This extra time in the spotlight will highlight your communication skills.

Stay Calm & Breathe

Practice, practice, practice your Q & A. If you get nervous easily this is the best solution. Even if you write down your answers and memorize them. Keep in mind; I don’t want you to sound like a robot, be yourself and include the best of your experiences. If you start to get nervous, don’t worry, you have practiced your answers; you will have one to fall back on if you need to.

Most of all be in the moment and enjoy the experience. You have been invited to interview for a reason, you are already half way there! Good Luck!

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Jen Ray, PHR

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