How to Keep Employees Focused This Summer

Tips for Employers & Employees on Maintaining Focus During Summers.

With the warm weather of summer comes the season of distractions. Employees’ minds will wander to upcoming vacation, children out of school, and the sunny day they’re missing by being inside at work.

Here are some ways to keep your employees focused this summer:

Keep communicating.

With so many things going on during the summer, it’s important to maintain frequent communication with your employees, as well as your clients. Think about scheduling weekly updates for both groups so they know they are still your priority. This will encourage everyone to spend more time focused their goals.

Utilize mobile.

Between vacation and day trips, everyone is on the go during the summer, including you. Take advantage of mobile to stay in touch. Providing your employees with a way to contact you will increase their focus because they will feel accountable, even when you’re not around. It all goes back to communication. Easy access is key.

Create a schedule and stick to it.

Make to-do lists for you and your employees. Keep it updated with deadlines and mark the items complete as you go. By being able to see the progress you’re making, productivity will remain steady. Employees will stay focused because they get to visually see their tasks completed.

Prepare for vacation days.

Summer comes with an influx of vacation days. Have a system in place for your employees to request days off. As vacation approaches, help your employees manage their deadlines. Determine what needs to be completed before vacation and what can be pushed back or reassigned to someone else.

Additionally, think about summer holidays and local events. Anticipate days when employees will want to leave early and make sure to alter deadlines accordingly. Keep employees in the loop as you make changes. Your employees will feel less overwhelmed about their goals if they know you want to help them sort it out. In return, they can focus on the most important things before they leave.

Head outdoors.

One of the reasons employees lose focus during the summer is because they are itching to get outside. Find a reason to grant their wish. For a simple fix, pick a random day to bring everyone outside for some brainstorming. If you have more time to plan, host a company retreat to boost moral. Whatever the solution, if you give your employees a little bit of fresh air, they’ll return the favor by being more focused when it’s time to get back to work.

Get creative.

If you can’t come up with a reason to head outside, bring summer to the office. Come up with an activity or contest to get employees to provide new ideas. For an indirect approach, relax the dress code or bring in some refreshments. Giving the office a change of scenery can decrease employees’ feelings of being cooped up at work.

Trust your employees.

While all of these things are important, it is essential to keep in mind employees will respond when you trust them. No matter the time of year, employees will work hard when you respect them. They know their job is important and they know what they need to get done. Give them the opportunity to focus on their jobs and, chances are, they’ll perform well.

Despite daydreams of summer vacation, there are lots of ways to keep your employees focused on their jobs. The best solutions will vary from office to office, but remember things like communication and organization. Don’t let the heat ruin your workflow.

How will you keep your employees focused this summer?

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Heather Huhman

Heather R. Huhman is a career expert, experienced hiring manager, and founder & president of Come Recommended.

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  1. Kyle Jones says

    Good content – especially mobile communication. I work for a local telecom where the manager’s embrace technology (obviously by the nature of the business) and this makes interaction and communication A++!

    • Heather Huhman says

      Thanks, Kyle! That’s great to hear companies continuing to embrace technology, particularly the companies that are inherently technological! (You’d be surprised, sometimes those are the hardest ones to convince.) It has so many more benefits beyond business productivity!

  2. Kyle Jones says

    I agree with being creative, too. Don’t think outside the box….throw away the box! Start fresh!

  3. Alan Morte says

    Great Post! I really enjoyed the ‘Get Creative’ section. I thoroughly enjoy getting creative inside of the office and making work fun. In unison, the ‘Utilize Mobile ‘ is fantastic as employees can meet deadlines outside of the office and keep everyone in the loop.


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