How To Get Your Resume Out of the Blackhole and Be Seen By Recruiters

How To Get Your Resume To Be Seen By Recruiters

Are you in jobsearch mode? If so, here is a truth you need to know. One job posting can (easily) generate thousands of responses and the majority of them are never viewed. Why? Like the doorman at a popular club, there is a virtual bouncer keeping out the riff-raff and sometimes that’s you. The infographic below will show you how to get around him.


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Jessica Miller-Merrell

Jessica Miller-Merrell (@jmillermerrell) is a workplace change agent, author and consultant focused on human resources and talent acquisition living in Austin, TX. Recognized by Forbes as a top 50 social media influencer and is a global speaker. She’s the founder of Workology, a workplace HR resource and host of the Workology Podcast.


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