How to Embed a Facebook Post on Your Company Career’s Page

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Facebook remains a powerful platform for engaging, posting jobs and reaching prospective job seekers and employees. Many companies are setting aside their fears of security settings and privacy in favor of creating employee specific groups on the social networking site where people spend over 6 hours a month poking, liking and sharing. Facebook much to the dissatisfaction of its loyal user base updates their features, benefits and platform regularly. Here are three new recruiting features that Facebook recruiters, hiring managers and sourcers can use to find, recruit and hire top talent, today.

One of my new favorite features on Facebook is the post embed option. If you have a blog like me, it’s cumberson and time consuming to screenshot and edit a Facebook post or update you want to share with blog readers, internet users or web visitors. Facebook’s new embed features allow users the option to embed a post or thread like you see below with just a quick copy and paste of html code. 

How to Embed a Facebook Post on Your Company Career’s Page

Embedding a Facebook thread can be accomplished in three easy steps:

Step 1: Select “Embed Post” from the Drop Down Menu of Post You Wish To Embed

Pictured below is a post from Marriot Career’s Facebook Page. As you can see they are very active sharing not only information about open positions but also recognizing their global and enthusiastic employees as well as showcasing how fun and exciting it is to work at their company.



Step 2: Copy Facebook Embed Post Code

If you are familiar with content management platforms or blogs like WordPress or Blogger you are likely already familiar with adding code to a website or page. Just copy the code shown below.


Step 3: Paste Code Into Your Blog or Careers Site

When posting into WordPress, I just use the Text option on the above right hand side when I’m creating my page. For widgets and other features, you can copy and paste the code using a widget or a button labeled ‘html.’ It’s really that easy.


The finished product is shown below. Code can be easily added into new career site tools including IMomentus. I mention them specifically because I’ve been impressed when I saw their demo and for this reason exactly. They are WordPress for company career sites.

The Facebook embed option is currently available to Facebook Pages only although I’m sure that individual user embed options will be later available. This could prove especially problematic for individual users when it concerns their privacy. With a quick click of the mouse and a paste, I could embed private information and publish on my blog. It’s something I can already do but the embed option makes it accomplished easily. My hope is that Facebook offers an option in user privacy settings similar to photo tags where individuals can select options either allowing all embeds, allowing them upon approval or turning the feature off.

Learn more great social recruiting best practices. Tune into our webinar on 9/26/13, How to Create a Killer Social Recruiting Strategy. Register here.

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