How to Build a Better Relationship with Your Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants can be one of the most valuable assets in your business. They’re able to do very important tasks that you would normally do yourself. They’re more than just an employee –they are a lifeline that keeps your operations going. This is why you need to have a good relationship with your virtual assistant.

If you’re struggling with this, here are some tips to help you have a better relationship with your virtual assistant. 

How to Build a Better Relationship with Your Virtual Assistants

1. Keep Communication Open

This is the most essential element in your relationship with your assistant. Because most of your dealings are done online, you need to have regular communication. This begins with proper onboarding during their first few weeks with you. Be open for any questions they may have and once you feel they are capable of doing their job without your supervision, trust them to do the task and give feedback later.

You should also set up a schedule for video or voice calls. It can be once a week, once a month, or twice every month. This helps you to get a feel for your assistant’s well-being and lets you pick up cues that you normally would not with chat or email. Virtual assistants that feel cared for by their employer are motivated to work harder.

2. Always Pay On Time

Work at home employees already shoulder a lot of their own work expenses from internet bills to Paypal fees. The worst thing you can do is delay their payment. It will leave the impression that your business is not doing well enough to pay employees on time –and who really likes to work for a failing company? As the employer, you need to project the image of stability, and that means always paying out salaries on time. To help with this, you can set up a mass payment system for multiple industries. This does not just refer to your virtual assistant but to all the employees in your company.

3. Reward Excellent Performance

If you’re lucky to have landed a really reliable virtual assistant, make sure to let them know their efforts are appreciated. The right reward will motivate them to work even harder. You can get creative with this and provide incentives that you know they will really appreciate. It can be a salary bonus, a year-end gift, flexible time at work, or paid time off. You will be surprised to know that some employers are very stingy when it comes to rewarding employees. Make yourself one of the special ones that know how to appreciate his staff.

4. Don’t Forget, They’re Also Human

It can be easy to neglect your virtual assistant especially when you’re not seeing them face to face all the time. You may treat them coldly, handing out endless tasks without thanking them or get extremely upset when they make a mistake. Things will not be perfect with your virtual assistant. But one thing you should remember is that they are only human too.

This means you should treat them with respect, like you would with other employees. Acknowledge their hard work and provide constructive feedback. It also doesn’t hurt to get to know them a bit more. This may just give you some insight on what motivates them to work for you. When an employee feels connected to you, they’ll bring more passion into their work. 

In Conclusion

It pays to have a virtual assistant that stays with you long term. They do tasks more efficiently and are more familiar with the nature of your business. This saves you a lot of time from having to onboard a new assistant every time your current one quits. Tenured virtual assistants feel more invested in your success and won’t just stay with you solely for the money.

Which of these tips did you find the most useful? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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