How the Cloud Is Transforming the HR Industry

how the cloud is transforming the hr industry

Almost every business in the world is being transformed by cloud technology. Between coasts and across continents, it enables enterprises to link business-to-business and business-to-consumer. As a result, virtually any business that chooses to use the technology at their disposal has the option of conducting business with anyone in the world from anywhere in the world.

How the Cloud Is Transforming the HR Industry

Human resource management companies, which assist companies in ma  naging their employees, are one of the industries that has embraced cloud technology and its capabilities. For HR businesses that adopt this technology and make the most of its advanced capabilities, the opportunities and possibilities to improve client service and expand their client base are limitless. Here are several ways in which the cloud has transformed the HR industry:


For businesses, using the cloud has nearly eliminated paperwork and significantly decreased the time and resources needed for manual processing. With the cloud, all data is digitally stored, accessible from any location, and updated in real-time. As a result, there will be less paper, file cabinets, and physical space required. Companies that provide outsourced HR services to other businesses can expand their capacity to take on more clients than ever before because the cloud is practically endless. As a result of this expansion, organizations are having to increase their employment in order to satisfy the demand for personnel to run the platforms and provide advice to customers. There is also more room to hire the staff required to deliver these services because there is less requirement for storage space. More space increases your ability to serve more customers. The cloud is assisting HR organizations in expanding their capacity and clientele in both a virtual and real sense.


With the cloud, HR companies can now serve nearly any business with an internet connection. The limits to what they can do depend on what they want to do. Some companies have been able to take their HR services globally because, with the cloud, they see potential in being able to offer their services to businesses in other countries and be able to meet their needs. As long as a business wants to learn and train on the HR compliance laws of another country, they can provide services to anyone, anywhere. Additionally, the cloud is helping companies connect more efficiently with their clients who are close to home as well. With the cloud and the ability to apply updates in real-time, HR companies can send data and view reports with their clients from across town or across the state. Less time is spent gathering and compiling information in a readable format because it is saved digitally and can be accessed by the client whenever they need it.


In a way, the cloud has made outsourcing to a human capital management solutions firm a more viable option than ever, because the service they provide can be seen as efficient and effective compared to a small or mid-sized business trying to manage their human capital on their own. Having a dedicated partner in managing HR can alleviate much of the stress and burden that an in-house HR department faces on a daily basis. Whether they are processing payroll, managing open enrollment, juggling onboarding and recruitment, or any other challenge in the myriad of HR tasks, an internal HR professional can struggle to keep up with the changing compliance landscape or have time to work on improving HR strategies for their company if they are only able to complete the day-to-day work. While it can be a challenge to go it alone, many have not seen the benefit to outsourcing due to concerns about cost and lead time working with an external provider. However, with the cloud, HR companies can act like a backdoor agency, in a way, for the internal HR department at a company. The cloud allows the HR provider to interact virtually and seamlessly with the client to illustrate challenges and solutions, provide updates on compliance requirements, and offer a third-party perspective, often without the physical barriers that once existed between and HR company and their client. When this stress is removed from a business owner or an internal HR professional, they can work on strategies to improve the company and its processes, rather than spending all their time plowing through HR work.


As mentioned, one of the biggest struggles an internal HR department or business owner can face is dealing with changing HR law and compliance. The cloud allows HR providers to send automatic updates to the client as well as guides and resources to help them understand the new law, how it affects them, and to update their system in a timely and efficient manner. This provides a semblance of consistency for the business in their HR compliance reporting requirements. When they have the latest and most accurate data and calculations for their business’s needs, they don’t have to worry about missing an update and reporting or filing an incorrect amount in their payroll tax payments. The cloud helps owners and providers alike, manage these changes and execute adjustments on time.

The cloud is here to stay, and virtually every company can find some way for it to benefit their operations or how they serve their clients whether they are business-to-business or business-to-consumer. HR providers are no different, and it has completely changed the way they can market their services to potential clients. The cloud opens up a whole new world of capacity, connectivity, clarity and consistency for the provider and for their relationship with the client.

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    The Four C’s! I like this article a lot! Cloud-based recruitment software has definitely come a long way from the antiquated, clunky ones of the past (I won’t name names haha). It’s not worth it anymore to look at market share to determine your next software purchase. The tech market moves so quickly, if you do that, you’ll already be ages behind. The early adopters will have already moved on. Look at the up and coming tech, as well as ones that have done well recently. I recommend checking out Recruitee as far as cloud-based ATS go:

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