How Reejig Creates Zero Wasted Potential in Your Organization

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How Reejig Creates Zero Wasted Potential in Your Organization

I was lucky enough to get a demo of Reejig’s award-winning workforce intelligence platform recently and have lots to share with you here. We’ve all been reading headlines about disengaged employees, quiet quitting, the Great Resignation, and how important it is to be able to offer career development opportunities to attract and retain employees.

Many of us are also juggling immediate hiring needs in one work area with potential restructuring or reorganization in others. How can a platform help you do all of the above without uprooting our (time-consuming to implement and often customized) current tech stack?

Let’s be honest: If we actually saw this happening in real-time, it would be like the moment in The Wizard of Oz when everything turns from black and white to beautiful, vibrant color as the citizens of Oz celebrate its arrival.

What that colorful world looks like: Reejig works like a central nervous system for your talent decisions, extracting employee data, job data, public data, non-employee data, and learning data so that you can take specific action on these data sets when it comes to internal mobility, reskilling, retention, or finding talent. In short, it takes the data and information you have scattered across systems and pulls it into one place so that you can make better decisions based on the data – helping you to unlock the potential of your people and optimize your workforce.

Low Adoption Rates Won’t be a Factor 


One of the really unique things about Reejig is that it integrates with and enhances your existing tech stack. Reejig doesn’t replace a system of record. In fact, it ultimately pushes people back into whatever your systems of record are to go do something, back to your LMS to take a learning course or back to your ATS to apply to a job internally, for example. I have found that for many of us, employees making use of the resources we have to support their development efforts such as your LMS are a challenge, but this is what can increase utilization levels. I think I can speak for all of us in HR, that internal mobility has been a struggle especially in light of all this turnover we are experiencing. I love tech that makes it easy for your employees to explore other opportunities within your organization, and what is the most likely to encourage them to stick with you.

One of the areas we, as HR leaders, spend a lot of time on is employee adoption. Even the best laid plans for new tech can be thrown off by low adoption rates and change resistance. Reejig doesn’t depend on employee adoption of the technology to deliver value. Reejig’s primary value is that it works invisibility behind the scenes of your existing HR technology stack. It takes in all of the data and information, does the skills extraction and inference for you without that outdated nine-block worksheet. This tackles invisible as well as visible skills managers might not know about using ethical AI. Gone are the days where we had to wait for employees to adopt the technology or for a worksheet to be submitted in order to understand the skills of every single employee in your organization. This is the key. 

From day one post implementation, Reejig produces skills profiles for everyone in your organization (including employees, contractors, alumni and past applicants) and delivers skills knowledge that maps to your job architecture. I can’t explain the differentiator this is… EVERYONE. Reejig can do this within its standard three month implementation giving you time to move forward quickly to reskill and/or upskill your current workforce keeping them excited, engaged, and employed with you. Cue the cheering section audio…

Once implemented, Reejig continues to monitor your skills data from everywhere within your tech stack and becomes a nudge engine. The nudge engine means that nobody really needs to log into Reejig because it nudges everyone in the organization to take whatever that next best course of action is. That nudge could be in the form of a text message, an email, a slack message, and so on. It helps your organization mobilize around your workforce strategy and ultimately extract more value out of the tech stack you already have in place.

I don’t know about you but nudges are the key to my productivity. I don’t get anything done without them and now your employees can be reminded to focus on their custom employee development goals without HR having to send an email. 

The Opportunity Marketplace and Data 


For me, driving internal mobility is really the key to employee engagement. I believe it is also an important factor for organizations when planning and forecasting future workforce needs. And given the last thirty-six months, I think we can all agree that forecasting and planning multiple scenarios is key to not just business survival but also growth. In order to do so, an organization must have visibility into the skills their employees have today and employees must understand and have visibility into the opportunities available to them. This is what Reejig provides within its Opportunity Marketplace. It allows talent teams to take a skills-based approach to mobility and use ethical AI to match people to opportunities based on their potential.

First I have to say that the dashboard is really nice to look at. Reejig’s Opportunity Marketplace is really the idea of the absorption of all of the data from your ATS – all of the jobs that are open today, plus the capability to create gigs and short term assignments. The automation is really happening from the ATS side in terms of the job architecture.

One of the things I was most impressed with is that Reejig has the world’s first ethical, independently audited AI and, with legislation happening around AI and bias, this is a standout feature. I’ve spent hundreds of hours of my time researching, understanding, and learning about AI and how it can be used for good but also evil. Reejig is the Glenda the Good Witch of AI. 

Their AI is represented in the environment in a couple of different ways. One is to provide visibility into what the AI is surfacing so you’re not just getting a group of matches without understanding why. The second is that every implementation is customer-specific and customers can choose to pull in data from different systems and sources.

With the platform, you can search and review the very specific information that helps you meet internal initiatives for your company as well as take action in bulk within the talent communities, from sending a nudge to individuals who may be a good skills match for a lateral or upwards job change, to engage with the ATS, to apply for a specific role or update a resume. Reejig helps you easily match and group individuals, like high potential employees or groups from parts of the business that may have been identified as redundant or as needing reskilling. 

On the employee side, Reejig’s Career Co-Pilot product is their employee facing technology helping employees look at opportunities that would be available today for which they’re a high skills match. It also helps them to understand what the next step is for them, what skills they have and what skills they need, and what they can do to reskill or upskill to move into the roles they would like to have. It’s a self-guided career path tool that uses ethical AI to support employee development – and therefore employee engagement and retention, as well as upskilling your current workforce for the future. In short, its technology keeps the citizens of Oz happy. 

Phenomenal Skills Intelligence


Using natural language processing (NLP) and AI, Reejig extracts skills from every type of employee source information you can think of, such as school transcripts, resumes, public profiles on LinkedIn and other sites, job experience data and learning modules.With this level of intelligence, Reejig has over 400 million career paths mapped and gives you full visibility into not only the current skills your employees have, but also into their potential and future career paths.

Many of us have spent a lot of time building skills competency frameworks, but we would actually like some level of standardization. Reejig takes that information into its central nervous system to contextualize what it does in alignment with our existing frameworks. It isn’t doing its own thing that we have to figure out how to squeeze into; it uses your own competencies as a framework for you.

Reejig uses AI to build you a complete skills ontology that aligns to, and evolves with, your job architecture, meaning you get access to real-time insights and recommendations that are contextualized to your organization.

I can see this as having such an amazing impact on things like diversity goals and initiatives, career development, employee engagement, retention, attraction – all of the things that you’d like your tech stack to do if it could communicate between platforms. Reejig is that communication.


Interested in more information? Visit Reejig to learn about the workforce intelligence platform that was purposefully developed by experts to help you build an optimized workforce today.

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