How Leaders Have Used Technology to Manage Their Employees During the Pandemic

Technology has become integral to running a business. In fact, billionaire entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Tej Kohli have built their entire monopoly off the back of technological innovation. Now that the coronavirus pandemic has forced companies to work from home, technology is more important than ever before.

How Leaders Have Used Technology to Manage Their Employees During the Pandemic


Businesses initially struggled to adapt to the transition – especially when it came to managing their employees remotely. Fortunately, technology has provided HR departments with all the resources they could possibly need to manage their workers during the pandemic. Here are a few examples of digital solutions that successful business leaders have been using:

Project Management Software

Most businesses have struggled to adjust to remote working because of the disruption this has caused to their group projects. It is difficult to collaborate on work when you can’t share computers or keep track of one another’s progress. As such, HR departments have been struggling to optimise their workforce’s productivity during the pandemic. Thankfully, technology has presented us with a fantastic solution to this problem – project management software. With these programs, businesses can share all their documents onto one platform, making resources very easy to access. Furthermore, they can create checklists of everything that needs to be completed, then tick off what has been finished. So, software like Trello has been an invaluable resource to businesses during the pandemic.


Communication Tools

Every business manager knows that communication is the key to success. Unfortunately, the pandemic has caused a breakdown in communication, as it is harder and more awkward for employees to initiate conversation and ask for help when they are working from home. This can eventually lead to mistakes happening, as staff aren’t talking to one another, nor the managers. That’s why communication technology has become an essential tool for business leaders during the pandemic. Software like Zoom and Microsoft Teams have allowed teams to video call and instant message one another, the second they have an issue. This helps to keep everyone connected in a way that emails cannot.


Data Analytics

In the office, it is usually quite apparent when someone is shirking off their duties. However, now that we are all working remotely, business managers are struggling to regulate their employees and ensure they stay focused. This is important because it affects the productivity of your organisation and means you are paying for someone who isn’t generating any profit. As such, business leaders have now turned to data analytics to measure their staff’s productivity. This kind of software can highlight an individual’s average output, which you can benchmark against other peoples. Moreover, data analytics are a preventive measure. If employees know they are being monitored, they will maintain a good standard of work. Of course, it’s important not to become a micromanager. Always remember to be ethical when using data analytics.

These are some of the main ways that business leaders are using technology to manage their employees during the pandemic.

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  1. BHUWAN PANT says

    Hi Jessica
    great list, during the pandemic various communication tools have come up and they had actually saved us.
    thanks for sharing the article

  2. Kate Keaney says

    A great read! With remote working on the rise, leaders around the nation have relied heavily on technology to manage their employees. It’s a transition that has been necessary, but not straightforward for everyone.


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