How HR Bloggers Make Bank

Tips of the web for making blogging bank

It seems over the last few weeks I’ve had a number of inquiries from curious industry people, friends, and random emailers who’ve inquired about how one exactly makes money as an HR Blogger.  Yes, people this is now what I do for a living. Granted I’m not a mommy blogger but I am a blogger who happens to be a mom.  And because blogging and consulting is what I do, it is only fitting that I would blog about how as an HR Blogger I make bank.

Truth be told blogging is sometimes a solitary and lonely existence.  I spend my nights and days in front of the computer writing and dreaming my next big idea either for my blog or clients that I work with.  Most times I work remote from the confounds of my home office with little interaction from the outside world.  I’m an idea gal who uses my creativity to benefit the human resources industry.  Some people draw, take pictures or garden.  In reality, I love to do all of these things, but the thing I do best is blog.

How HR Bloggers Make Bank

While I’m not the be all end all expert on blogging (visit ProBlogger for some of the best tips of the web for making blogging bank), I’m dangerous and don’t do too bad.

But first, here is what I don’t do.

– Google Adwords.

I am a very visual person who loves pretty things.  I spend a lot of time creating Blogging4Jobs and selecting pictures for each article I write. I think that Google Adwords are ugly and for the small amount of money they generate on average, it’s not a strategy I’m employing to support my jet setting blogger lifestyle. Am I working Adwords into my SEO strategy? Yes, I just don’t like they way they look on my site.

– Pimp Product.

I am very selective about clients and products that I talk about on this blog and the others that I manage. Products and companies that I work with are a direct representation of who I am as a business professional and blogger. Therefore, I’m not active on sites like Social Moms that employee mommy blogging  and mommy blogger promotional tactics with the promise of fabulous prizes. I’m not endorsing or recommending your product unless I actually use it.

And here’s what I do to make blogging bank.

– Sponsored Posts.

As I mentioned I’m very selective, but I have in the past and will continue to work with companies that are looking to introduce or promote their product or service via my blog or platform if it aligns with my audience.  Usually businesses approach me and I don’t approach businesses. Maybe my fatal flaw.

– Affiliate Commissions.

Many times I promote products or companies that I love because they are great, but there are many companies that offer affiliate programs where bloggers and website can receive commission compensation for promoting a product.  I use these types of things sparingly and they pay off for that reason. My affiliate income isn’t paying my house payment but there are months when it covers my utilities and I can also save a little in my online savings account.

– Consulting.

My largest source of blogging income comes from consulting and writing for clients and companies.  On an average week, I’m knocking out between 10-15 blog posts for myself and clients.  I love writing and working in this space is what I love to do.

– Blog as a Business Funnel.

My blog serves as a portfolio of my work like a living resume.  Clients are free to visit my site to learn more about the business, my style, and background.  If they like me, they contact me.  If they don’t, they don’t.  I employee several lead building tools on the site as well like free e-books and other strategies.

Blogging for business takes time, a solid strategy, and many mistakes made along the way.  There is something appealing to working from home and romantic about being a writer.


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