How Does Sleep Deprivation Affect You and Your Day at Work?

how does sleep deprivation affect your day at work?

There’s nothing better than curling up with a soft blanket and pillow and getting some sleep. However, 37 percent of Americans don’t get near the required amount of rest. Stress is a significant factor with insomnia, but it can be other things like a medical condition, or even a mattress can affect your sleep. Sleep and productivity go together. If you’re not getting enough rest, then how can you be productive at your job the next day? Could this be why your job performance has been lackluster, and you feel grouchy and irritable all the time?

Is Your Body “Misfiring?”

Consider the engine on your car. It has spark plugs that ignite each cylinder. You either have 4, 6, or 8 in your vehicle. What would happen if you remove one of those spark plugs? The motor would not start, or it would run horribly. But, what if the spark plug was still in place, but it just kept misfiring. The engine will miss, lag, and have poor fuel economy. It would still run, but it’s not operating at near the capacity that it can.

Think of your body as an engine with trouble, when you have a lack of sleep. You are still trying to go and putting what you can into your productivity, but it’s obvious that you are not running at your full capacity. You’re “misfiring” and not able to keep up. Sleep is not a luxury; it’s essential for your overall health.

What Does A Lack Of Sleep Do To Your Company And You?

Unless you’re a wealthy heir, you must work. Now, imagine going to work not firing on all cylinders. What if out of a group of 20 people, there are only five getting the correct amount of sleep? It’s clear to see that having so many individuals who are sleep deprived is going to affect the company. Harvard University recently conducted a study regarding downtime and how a lack of sleep affects job performance. Their findings were staggering.

Did you know that an employee suffering from insomnia is going to have at least 11.3 days’ of downtime annually? According to the minimum wage, it would cost their employer $2,280. Now, that is just for one employee. If there are several not being productive, it’s easy to see how those costs can escalate.

So, if a company had 15 employees with insomnia, it would cost them a whopping $34,300. For you, it can mean the difference in moving up the corporate ladder or just barely making the deadlines or your current position. If you’re tired of going through your day on empty, then you need to do something to help yourself get through this period of insomnia.

Setting The Stage For Peaceful Slumber

Sleep is not the same for everyone. For instance, you may be refreshed and ready to go on six hours. However, the majority will need more than that to function. Some people can work on as little as four hours, but others may require at least nine hours of sleep. The goal is to find what works for you. Set Up a bedtime routine, and stick with it.

Did you know that your bedroom plays a critical role in your sleep? Do you have televisions, computers, or other devices that emit light into your room? It could be the cause of your restless nights. Make sure there is nothing that can distract you from rest. Your mattress is another significant factor to consider. Some like their foundation soft while others prefer one that’s firm. If you’re sleeping on the wrong surface, it can have everything to do with your aching back and lack of sleep.

Finding The Reason Behind Your Insomnia

Do you sleep with someone else? Their movements or snoring may be part of the problem. Finally, the temperature should be evaluated. Did you know that most people need their bedroom to be about five degrees cooler than the rest of the house for good sleep? Try sleeping with a fan, turning the AC down lower in that room, or opening a window. It may help you rest comfortably.

Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

The signs of chronic sleep deprivation are vast. It can cause you to gain weight, your thoughts can be scattered, you’ll get sick more often, as well as developing anxiety, and even depression. However, there are many ways to fix chronic insomnia. Try to set up a bedtime routine. Maybe reading a book can help. Watch your favorite television show or cuddle with your significant other. Take a bubble bath or drink some warm milk. If you try a new routine and you still cannot get the sleep you need, then you need to see a doctor.

Your Health May Be To Blame

There are many medical conditions, both mental and physical, that can cause sleep deprivation. A few routine tests can identify if there something underlying that is causing these issues. In many cases, people go through periods where they sleep too much and times when they sleep too little. It’s all about learning to de-stress and not let life, and all your problems affect your sleep.

Increase Your Sleep and Increase Productivity

Try meditation or some lavender as ways to help relax. Anything that you can do to make your bedroom a haven of rest will only increase your productivity the next day. If you want to avoid medication, a sensory blanket could be just the right choice. These blankets tend to ease stress and anxiety, resulting in better sleep. To find the best one for your needs just check out the weighted blanket reviews.

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    If I don’t get enough sleep several nights in a row, then it’s almost guaranteed I’ll get sick. I think in a world that offers caffeine in abundance, people try to solve their sleep problems with stimulants instead of trying to work more sleep into their schedule but sleep is so important!


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