Like a Frog in Boiling Water

Taking Time for Yourself

Having just come back from vacation and the SHRM 2012 conference, this is day two of being back in the fold after a much needed vacation.  And I’m reminded of the frog in boiling water.

Taking a break from work is good.  It’s a time to recharge, renew, and make memories with my family.  But diving back into the folds of work on Monday morning after said vacation is a lot more work and an adjustment than it used to be. I’m a mom, a wife, a business woman, and I have these darn things called responsibilities.

It’s so easy working to become more involved in work, and I’ve already admitted my problems with saying no.  It’s something I’m getting better with each and every day.  You’re easing in, already established, and like the frog unaware of your current surroundings.  The water is heating up and your swimming or working along without really even noticing the temperature rising or that your work is eating you alive.  And then it’s too late.  Death by crockpot.

Too Much Work Too Fast

But for me it isn’t or wasn’t.  I’m back from vacation, and taking a step back from said boiling pot of water to refocus on my current projects and goals for 2012.  And maybe you are too.  In fact, I hope you took some time off last week during the holiday.

Today, I could wow you with some crazy statistics about work life balance that I googled as I wrote this blog, or I could tell you that I’m now writing for the Huffington Post as part of their new Work Opportunity section.  Or that we are getting ready to launch the changes and new format to the Secrets of the Job Hunt, an online talent network I purchased earlier this year.  I might even tell you that while on vacation, I actually outlined my new book which I had plans to begin working on this week.  And I had a good time doing it.  Sick, I know.

Attention Frogs:  Ease In

Instead I’m telling you. . . that when I jumped back into that pot it was hot and like the frog I quickly jumped back out.  I’m writing the book but I’m reworking my strategies and priorities to determine how I can achieve said goals while staying sane and burn free at the same time.  Working is a lot of work, and today I think I’m just going to ease in, sit back, and enjoy the view.  I might even fold some laundry because this frog likes to simmer first before she boils.

What are you doing today?  How are you taking time for you?

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Jessica Miller-Merrell

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  1. Ray_anne says


    Great post and I often fall prey to the boiling pot.
    I have learned that vacation is not only good for the soul, but extremely beneficial to the mind. It is where my greatest ideas make there way into my world and start to become a reality.

    We need to break away. It is imperative for growth – I always think back to the “healing” process – our bodies heal the fastest when we are at rest. So do our minds and souls. And what is healing but re-growth and re-gained function?

    So, take it easy these first few days back, relish the inspiration you received and strength you gained…

    And start planning the next one.



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