The Top HR Trends In 2017 — According to You

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I’m taking a slightly different approach to the Friday Five this week. Instead of looking for five think pieces or five trending news stories, I thought I’d see what you all think will be the big HR trends of 2017 and then highlight some of the most compelling predictions. From big data, to diversity, to fixing toxic workplace cultures once and for all, you’ve made some exciting and thoughtful predictions.

Here is your Friday Five:

Big data has been one of the top HR trends for years now, hasn’t it? But Justin Dennis isn’t just saying that big data will a thing, this year, he lays out exactly what kind of a thing he thinks it will be: “Data-driven HR functions have landed; AI will begin to drastically improve recruiting.” Check out his piece for detailed consideration of how big data and AI have affected HR so far, and where we might go from here.

Major Human Capital Trends That Will Shape the Coming Year

Diversity, digital, the social contract and more. The Predictive Index looks at 10 of what they think will be the human capital trends that will drive and shape your decisions as an HR professional or business leader in the coming year. Thought employee experience was passe? Nope, it should still be on your mind. Workforce planning and deeper and better metrics too.

2017 HR Trends Forecast

Over at Pomello Blog, they think that 2017 will be about “attracting growth-driven workers to the companies that need them.” Their predictions for the coming year are that all the big data, AI and metrics we’ve been talking about will focus more and more on assessing candidates and recruiting the best of the best. At the same time, HR will work with existing employees to refine their performance — not through targets or performance management rubric, but through engagement and coaching strategies. Data driven? Probably.

The Top Five HR Trends For 2017

Yes, someone else is talking about the coming problem of Generation Z! (I don’t really think they’re a “problem” but I’m excited to see someone else take the blame for friction in the workplace.) In addition to the rise of Gen Z, Steffen Meier says that fixing toxic company culture and management practices will be a major trend for HR in 2017 as well as learning to accommodate more and more contingent workers.

5 Positive HR Trends for 2017

How can HR have the most positive impact for organizations and employees? Rather than focusing solely on metrics and big data, Ryan Golden says that some of the most important HR trends have less to do with technology than they do creating better support systems for employees, namely: parental leave and benefits, closing the pay gap, flexible organizational training and working to end the stigma against mental illness in the workplace.

The Top Five HR Trends For 2017
Las cinco principales tendencias de recursos humanos para 2017
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