Forever A Hot-Shot

In case you hadn’t heard, I started a new job in October 2012. After 6 years, I left my comfort zone to take on new challenges with a new company. About 45 days into it, I am feeling great! My staff and co-workers are responding well to the initiatives and ideas I am bringing to the table. Where there are hurdles, we are climbing over. Where there is mess, we are cleaning it up. And no one seems overwhelmed by any of it — even me!


Because my ideas and initiatives are not rocket-science or revolutionary. They are just solid HR fundamentals combined with good, old-fashioned inter-departmental planning and priority-setting.

My organization, like so many others out there, was missing fresh perspective and leadership. We get bogged down just trying to keep up with the daily work and the unexpected challenges. We run from conflict and change. We become complacent in our cushy long-term roles. Then we spend months and years going through the motions at work, biding our time. We wait and look for another opportunity to come to be the hot-shot new guy.

Forever A Hot-Shot

What’s ironic is the hot-shot new guy is usually just grabbing low-hanging fruit to gain understanding, trust and momentum before going after more challenging goals. The hot-shot new guy usually starts out changing and fixing simple problems with the people, policies, processes and practices. The hot-shot new guy latches on to and attacks the obvious.

The good news is that, with this thinking, we can all be the hot-shot newbie.

It’s so simple! Ask yourself, “If a smart, new capable hot-shot took over my job today, what would that person change about how things are done?” Then ask yourself, “What is stopping me from making those changes right now?”

The answer to the first question could be any number of things … The answer to the second question is almost always fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of rejection. Fear of losing favor with the people you work for and the people you work with. Fear.

Sometimes, it may be easier to take your ideas elsewhere than to fight against the mindset and culture that you’re in. This is understandable. However, in these times where job changes are not so easy to make, it may also be worth it to try to bloom where you’re planted.

With courage and effort, you can be the hot-shot newbie wherever and forever.



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