First Day of Your New Internship

5 Steps to a Successful First Day on the Job

Congratulations on your first day of your new internship!  This is a fantastic way to learn new things, meet new people and develop professionally with real work experience. Now it’s time to get ready and have a wonderful first day on the job.

First Day of Your New Internship

Here are 5 key components a successful first day:

  1. Research: Think back when you prepared for your interview. You need to do the same type of research before starting on Day One. Refresh your memory by reviewing their website and learning about the company initiatives, locations, goals, policies, products and divisions. Spend some time on the company social media sites also. Be sure to like their Facebook fan page, Follow on Twitter, Like the LinkedIn Company page and so on.
  2. Logistics:  Make sure you have complete clarity about the starting date and location. Double check your notes and offer letter. It’s a good idea to physically check out the location in advance if you haven’t been there before. Make a trial run and top off your gas tank or transportation card. You will want to figure out the commute whether by car or subway.  You may have interviewed at 2 PM but your job starts at 9 AM.  The commute time may well be different for the first day. You may need to get a security badge which takes time the first day so it’s best to find that out ahead of time so you are not late for the first meeting with your hiring manager.
  3. Dress: The best policy is to dress professionally and fit into the corporate culture.  A finance company in New York City will be more formal while a social media tech start-up in San Francisco might not be. Think back to the interview for your clues.  Stay away from flashy or revealing outfits no matter what kind of office you are working  in. It will always serve you well to be classy and professional looking. Make a great first impression on your new coworkers now!
  4. Bring: Go ahead and bring your cell phone but don’t use it except during lunch or breaks. If you spend your day texting, you will be headed for trouble. Bring some water and snacks so you are prepared.  You will need to navigate the lunch and snack time over the first few days.  You might need your laptop or other supplies,so that’s a good question to ask before the first day.
  5. Attitude: Go in with a smile and be ready to listen and learn. Ask questions and be helpful. Take notes and be inquisitive. Be ready to assist in a variety of situations. Remember that even though you signed on for meaningful and meaty projects,  everyone has to do the lower level tasks sometimes. Also be ready to help other team members when needed. Approach all your work with enthusiasm.

Internships are all about learning and expanding your universe. Now it’s time to take this  fantastic opportunity and run with it!

Do you feel prepared for your first day?


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Sandra Long

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