Social Recruiting on Facebook Increases Brain Size

Facebook Makes You Smarter 

New Facebook Changes: Advertising on Facebook

Last week Facebook began adding paid ads to user’s feeds which, like all new Facebook changes, caused quite the uproar.  Now, if a user likes a Facebook Page, updates from that page can now be featured as a form of advertising.   These featured stories are now suggestively placed within a Facebook feed instead of only to the right hand side of your page.  This Facebook change, or any change for that matter when it comes to Facebook, has caused quite a stir.

It’s no longer enough to get someone to “like” a Facebook page.  Liking no longer serves as a product endorsement or a celebration of a brand.  Mostly because there are millions of brand page but also because likes are easily obtained or even bought.  We live in a world of constant distraction.  I like to think of it as the new ADD Generation.  I blame Facebook.

Scientifically Proven That Facebook Makes You Smarter 

Except that Facebook might not be so bad after all.  I mean, we are spending nearly 16 hours a month connecting, poking, friending, and liking Facebook pages.  A recent study on Facebook and its impact on the brain have found a direct correlation to the size of your social network and the actual size of your brain.  The study, although small with only 164 participants, discovered a connection between the number of Facebook friends and the amount of “grey matter” in the brain.  This happens to be the part of the brain where mental process occurs. How’s that for social influence?

Using Facebook for Jobs

This Facebook change, in particular, offers a unique opportunity in social recruiting when it comes to creating engagement and building relationships with active and passive job seekers.

When it comes to engagement online and using social media influence as a form of job recruiting and building talent communities, Facebook is where the action is – no how many friends you have or don’t have.  Even if Facebook is no longer indexed by Google Search Engines and their Search Plus, Facebook is the online social network where people are the most themselves, offering an intersection between work and family.  Facebook is now exact place where companies should be courting candidates by developing meaningful relationships going beyond the average job board posting and into the mind and hearts of their potential candidate pool and fan base.

Facebook Social Ads Aid in Social Recruiting

As we continue down this journey and shift into the social media and online engagement era, companies must begin courting job candidates long before there are compelled to apply for a job. The  new Facebook changes of adding social advertisements  offer  companies a new option for social recruitment.  Like any form of canned, paid, or automated engagement, companies must tread lightly.  It’s like chocolate (except marketing or recruiting never tastes sweet) and there is too much of a good thing.    Relationships and friendships both online and offline do, however, taste just like chocolate.  Maybe even better if only because these social connections are proven to make you smarter!

Now, if you excuse me since I’m off to read some speak at a lecture on physics and time travel because I spend so much time on Facebook, I’m now a border line genius.

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Jessica Miller-Merrell

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  1. Ali Hillman says

    You crack me up! This is an awesome article, thank you for sharing (and justifying my chocolate eating).

    Have you heard of BranchOut?

    BranchOut is the largest professional networking service on Facebook. BranchOut users leverage their Facebook friend network to find jobs, source sales leads, recruit talent, and foster relationships with professional contacts. BranchOut also operates the largest job board on Facebook with over 3 million jobs and 20,000 internships.

    At the core of the BranchOut user experience is the ability to find connections through one’s extended friend network. For example, when you search for a company on BranchOut, you gain visibility to a list of friends and friends-of-friends who work at that company. These inside connections can be used to increase access to new jobs, sales leads, and recruiting talent. On BranchOut job seekers search for employment opportunities and are found by recruiters.

    BranchOut’s enterprise products help recruiters and hiring managers source talent more effectively…thus making their brains bigger 😉 You can learn more here:


    Ali, BranchOut’s Community Manager

    • Jessica Miller-Merrell says

      Hi Ali,

      I’ve written about BranchOut a few times here on the blog. You guys also have a mention in the upcoming issue of HRO Today as I mention your recruiter tools as an option to aid in OFCCP compliance for organizations who are government contractors. Thank you for sharing the post and leaving a comment.




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