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11/11 & 11/12 I HRetreat I 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM CST

Our HRetreat is back and packed with two days of topics focused on DEI, hybrid feedback, and support metrics for senior HR leaders. Join us on November 11th and 12th, 2021 from 10 AM-2 PM CST.

Day 1 is focused on DEI including a panel special diversity bias training. Day 2 is focused hybrid feedback and support metrics for senior HR leaders.

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11/22 I Ace The HR Exam: Monthly Test Question Review I 7:00 PM CST

Must be a member pf Ace The HR Exam to Join.

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12/09 I HR Tech Insights with Emissary I 12:00 PM CST

This event is a part of our demo series for HR leaders 100 percent online and will feature a virtual interactive demo from Reward Gateway. Emissary is a text recruiting platform built to make candidate engagement and recruitment automation easy. Our AI recruiting software empowers recruiting teams, HR departments and staffing firms with efficient text recruiting tools that work in harmony with any ATS, HRIS or recruiting site. Using artificial intelligence and text to recruit is easy with Emissary!

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12/15 I Wholistic HR I 12:00 PM CST

HR is so essential to an organization, yet this is exactly why so many of us get really burned out. We are accustomed to being professional, steadfast, reliable, an example to other areas of the company and the place to go when employees are in need. So where do we go when we’re in need?

The Wholistic HR framework addresses not only the intellectual development you need to thrive in your HR career, but also the emotional, social, psychological and spiritual strengths you need to sustain it. In order to bring our whole selves to the workplace, we have to look at what drives us - and do so within the safety of a community of our peers working together to be more resilient, motivated and authentically whole.

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Becoming a Better Leader: Approachability and Conflict Resolution

Three podcast bundle that looks at leadership and how we can help our leaders to be more approachable, relatable and manage conflict among their teams and peers. Learn ways to help arm your leaders with tools to lead and inspire their employees.

Receive 1.0 General HRCI and SHRM recertification credits.

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