Ep 4 – Three New Emerging HR Technology Startups #hrtechconf

Welcome to Episode 4 of the Workology Podcast powered by Blogging4Jobs features three mini interviews with three new emerging HR technology founders and CEOs.

The Workology Podcast is a place where we discuss the science and art of the workplace. Gain powerful insights, resources and perspectives on the industries of human resources and recruiting. Workology Podcast is approximately 45 minutes and distributed 4-6 times a month available here on the blog, iTunes and other traditional podcast outlets. The goal is to provide an in depth and no holes barred look into the future of our most powerful business asset, the employee.

Episode 4: Three New Emerging HR Technologies: DNA-7, Greenhouse & JobFig

In preparation for next week’s HR Technology conference, this special episode focuses on three mini interviews with three founders and CEOs. All three of our CEOs are at different phases of the growth and development of their new emerging HR technology product or products. And every single product is approaching the HR industry differently but all three are using technology to help hire, engage and develop our most valuable business asset, the employee.

Meet Eyal Steiner (@eyalsteiner)  of DNA-7

DNA-7 is an HR technology I’m absolutely smitten with. Their technology helps companies map out where and where Eyal refers to as “invisible influencers” are located within organization. These influencers are key to the health and success of your organization. They are typically not labeled as high potential, but it doesn’t mean that their work isn’t valuable highly by team members or other cross functional teams.

They offer survey technology as well as a visual map to help companies understand how impactful an individual, team or department is within the larger organization. I see this as a huge value add when you are planning your succession planning, company restructuring or identifying high potentials within your company.

Meet Ravi Mikkelsen (@ravimikkelsen) of JobFig

Ravi is the CEO and co-founder of JobFig. Job Fig aims to help companies find the right team members for the organization. Ravi and his team will be on the HR Tech Expo Floor in the startup pavillon. Just for HR tech conference (Booth 813), they are launching a new assessment that provides a behavioral resume.

The use of assessments in improving quality of hiring are increasing at a rapid rate. Aberdeen reports a 20% increase in use from 2013 to 2014 (report link listed in resources below). JobFig’s assessment is what I believe is the first to be responsible to your mobile device. The topic of mobile recruitment and strategy is something that is on the hearts and minds of HR practitioners. I love that JobFig is using mobile to engage, assess and understand your employees.

Meet Dan Chait (@dhchait) of Greenhouse

Dan is the CEO of Greenhouse. Their platform is aimed at providing a number of products and services aimed at better and more efficient hiring. Greenhouse helps HR, recruiting and leadership teams go back to basics and focus their efforts on a consistent hiring and candidate evaluation process. His tech helps companies have a strong foundation to help interview, assess and hire the best candidates. We all know how important quality of hire is to the success of a company.

In our interview, Dan talks the reason he built Greenhouse which was out of the need from building a previous company. He’s one of the few founders who has a background in HR. This simple fact speaks volumes in that Greenhouse is taking an approach to increasing the quality of hire.






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  1. Stephanie says

    Hi Jessica,

    Great article as usual. You couldn’t be more right when you say the most powerful business asset is the employee. It is important to hire employees that are going to be a great fit for your company and there are so many emerging technologies that can help employers choose the best candidates. Keep up the great content.


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