Episode 305: TA Insights Featuring Jamie Starner, Marsha Lacey and Shelly Wilt

It’s a good time to be in talent acquisition. Right now there are more recruiting job openings than programmer openings in the U.S. Everyone is hiring and every company needs talent acquisition leaders to reach candidates, hire, and scale quickly. But the market to hire great talent continues to be a challenge especially in certain key industries. And that’s exactly what we are exploring. 

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Episode 305: TA Insights Featuring Jamie Starner, Marsha Lacey and Shelly Wilt

This interview is part of a new series called TA Insights for the Workology Podcast powered by Heroes Jobs. It’s an opportunity for TA leaders to share what’s happening in this wacky talent marketplace right now. Think of it like speed networking where I introduce to you the talent acquisition leaders you need to know. The good news is there is no travel or awkward handshakes or elbow bumps while you chat about the weather or how weird it is to be at an event face to face. Each episode in the TA Insights series features three 7-10 minute interviews with different TA leaders. In this podcast, we are focused on conversations with hospitality and restaurant TA leaders. 

Meet Jamie Starner 

Jamie Starner is a Restaurant Recruitment Trailblazer. She holds an M.Ed in Human Relations and SHRM-CP certification. She has over 10+ years in recruiting and currently serves as the Director of Talent Acquisition at Bartaco, a Board Member for the Arizona Recruiters chapter, and the Founder and President of the Restaurant Recruitment Roundtable. She is passionate about volunteerism and animal welfare.

Meet Marsha Lacey

As Corporate Director of Human Resources for LBA Hospitality, Marsha is responsible for managing the company’s people resources, planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating HR strategies. Her experience in various industries, prior military career, and advanced degrees in HR Management has led to her passion for understanding people, providing a positive influence and helping them unlock their potential through training and development. With both her PHR and SHRM-CP certifications, she is an advocate for HR professional learning, is an Adjunct Instructor for Troy University and often speaks on leadership, employee development and other HR-related topics. 

Meet Shelly Wilt 

Shelly Wilt is a Talent Acquisition/Operations Leader in the Restaurant/Hospitality industry. As Director of Talent Acquisition at CAVA and Board Member, Restaurant Recruitment Roundtable, Shelly is passionate about data science and all things people.

I love hearing from TA leaders getting insights and inspiration especially now when so many of us in TA are working crazy hours to fill your company’s open job reqs, we need resources, information and support now more than ever.

If you are interested in being a part of our TA Insights series or want to nominate someone, visit www.tainsights.com. A special thank you Heroes Jobs for powering the TA Series. The Workology Podcast is sponsored by UpSkill HR and Ace the HR Exam. 

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