Ep 64 – The Changing Role of Job Boards in HR & Recruiting

One of the reasons I love the HR and recruiting landscape is because it’s vast and complex. Earlier this year I became involved with a job board trade association called the International Association of Employment Websites or IAEWS. I had no idea a trade association and ecosystem existed where job boards work, network and communicate together with the purpose of helping companies hire better and faster. The IAEWS now called TA Tech is an amazing community that is here to help practitioners in their recruiting and hiring efforts.

Episode 64: The Changing Role of Job Boards in HR & Recruiting with TA Tech (@iaews)

For this episode I sat down with Peter Weddle, Director of the now TA Tech and Pete Weddle, the VP of Strategic Development. Both Pete and Peter walk us through the changing landscape of talent acquisition, the role of job boards and how TA Tech is looking to bring it all together.

In TA Tech’s official press release (link included below), they are committed to “working to optimize performance and promote customer return on investment by leveraging its conferences and other forums to facilitate open and continuous dialogue, understanding and coordination among all industry participants.”

The Changing Role of Job Boards in Hiring and Recruiting

I love their mission and goals because if there is anything I’ve learned working as advisor to HR and recruiting technology companies while also having a practitioner, I have come to understand how partnership among practitioners and providers  is a key component to success in this ecosystem. And by industry, we don’t just mean selling. Peter and Pete walk us through the role of job boards and how integration and partnership helps everyone which is why they are making this really big change.

TA Tech has positioned itself to help bring the community together. Peter says we all need more weapons in the war for talent especially in a business market that is moving faster and more global than ever before. Analytics, data and reporting are the key to helping advance the hiring process starting with consistent reporting and access to this data from all parties job boards, ATS, CRM and other complimentary HR and recruiting services and technologies.

As Pete mentioned in the podcast, the TA Tech site is coming soon. In the interim, you can visit the IAEWS site. Connect with both Pete Weddle and  Peter Weddle on LinkedIn.



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