Ep 53 – How #HRTech Can Improve Employee Engagement & Productivity

I received a review copy of Marcus’s book. See our FTC disclosure at the end of this podcast transcript for more information. 

Episode 53: How HR Tech Can Improve Employee Engagement & Productivity with Marcus Buckingham (@mwbuckingham)

This year the Starr Conspiracy reported that 53 percent of companies of 1,000 employees and above are investing in more HR Technology for their organizations, but I wonder how much of that tech is focused on engaging managers and frontline leaders who are the future of the company. And that’s exactly what I sat down and talked with Marcus Buckingham on the Workology Podcast today.

Marcus is the Founder and Chairman at The Marcus Buckingham Company. We talked about how data is the language of business and yet we are focusing on performance and engagement data, resources and technology for our front line managers at our companies. This is especially important since Gallup just recently released their State of the American Manager Report (link included in resources below) where it openly discusses how greatly our front line leaders hurt or help engagement and productivity in our companies.

Marcus goes on to say that engagement is a film. It changes over time. Data can help HR anticipate the resources and tools needed for managers by letting data drive the way.

StandOut 2.0 is the front door where you are focused on the team, development and engagement. Engagement happens when advice and a plan is customized uniquely to the team leader. Organization can no longer ignore bad managers and their cascading results especially when 60 to 70 percent of your workforce not giving their all, according to Gallup That, my friend is a lot of currency flowing out the window. With the current HR systems like your HRIS, engagement and the resources needed to gather the data and provide tools just aren’t available which is why he’s working to changes things with his book and it’s resource center, StandOut 2.0.

The future of work starts with performance, engagement, learning and strengths needs to be focused on the team. I very much enjoyed our conversation and I think that you will too. I recommend picking a copy up of his book. You can connect with Marcus Buckingham on LinkedIn.



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