Ep 51 – Using Mobile to Enhance Employee Development

Leadership…everyone wants it but few have it at their organizations at least a pipeline of highly developed, motivated and engaged future leaders and managers to drive an organization. Talent after all is the number one focus of most CEO’s, but fear not there are some new and interesting ways technology can be used to develop, lead and help mold those future leaders one of which involves mobile. And you know how much I love mobile as a way to engage candidates but what about using mobile to develop your current workforce and coach them while focusing your development on very specific and an established plan of development that is unique to that individual employee?

Episode 51: How Mobile Can Enhance Your Employee & Leadership Behavior Development with Matt Barney (@leaderamp)

I love the concept of leadership on the fly especially since we are so very mobile moving whether it’s traveling across meetings within your company’s campus, during your commute by train and when you have a spare minute. We almost always are communicating by smart phone. Matt Barney is organizational psychologist and CEO of a new HR technology called LEADERAMP. Think about mobile coaching and development plans using your smartphone to engage, leave notes and keep you accountable. It’s alot like how I use my mobile fitness app or calorie counter except its for you and your teams development. I love this idea!

Matt shares that because of the talent shortage along with the increasing number of Baby Boomers who are begin to retire, employee development needs to be streamlined, focused and prioritized. Otherwise, our new leaders won’t be properly prepared to succeed in tomorrow’s business world and workplace. Matt talks with about these challenges in his work and how mobile helps increase the speed at which executives as well as employees develop, learn and grow.

Identifying Leadership Behaviors For Every Leader

Development programs and his technology aren’t just for busy executives. They are developed and designed for leaders at all levels. The only thing you need is a smart phone. LEADERAMP is using a mobile app (see their app on iTunes) that enhances their current leadership development programs focusing on connecting, assessing, growing and celebrating like you would normally do working in a standard leadership development or high potential program except you are more engaged because of your mobile device and smartphone. You are able to identifying leadership behaviors and develop a plan to improve upon them regardless of the manager’s skill, job title or level.

Matt walks us through some pretty powerful examples of accelerated development, growth and behavioral change. His background as an organizational psychology combined with an already established leadership development business have found  found using mobile, leaders are more likely to leave notes, focus on development and provide more in depth reflection and feedback than using traditional methods like journal writing or self reflection notes. You leverage a technology like mobile using an app that’s already baked into your personal routine. Because no one really goes too far without their mobile phone regardless of a person’s age, education level or skill. You can connect with Matt Barney on LinkedIn.



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